RB20 Turbo Upgrades

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Things on my wish list!!! You can just do it the stock turbos but they won't last long. 1jz single turbo options trading for a single tubby I'm running a gtr on a XS power manifold. Will report the findings soon. The manifold adpters are quite easily made, Steve at silverline could make them up. Downpipes again, would be a simple Y pipe affair. I think the standard hp will keep me happy for a while though, at least till next year: Is this the sort of y pipe and down-pipe I would need?

Be careful, they may be intended for a different car, like a Chaser, and even 1jz single turbo options trading they fit the Chaser, they may not fit a Supra or Soarer. This one is at the hubs http: Have been looking on the supramania website and some of there 1jz single turbo options trading reckon that it is only the first generation 1jz that suffers with turbo problems, there saying 18psi on standard twins is ok as long as you have the second generation engine?

I'm worried about de-catting my car as some people have had trouble, were they just unlucky? The US lot like to believe in all this 1st and 2nd gen stuff in an effort to convince themselves they have better engines than they actually have.

There is no 1st gen and 2nd gen 1JZ. How this equated to a different generation engine is a mystery to me. Sure, you can run your 1JZ turbos at 18 psi. Mine did, someone else did on here, and so have counltess US 1J owners owners. MY advice to 1jz single turbo options trading the 1jz single turbo options trading is simply dont do it until you have bought 1jz single turbo options trading have the money to buy replacement turbos. At that point you'll ideally need an ECU replacement, as even with the 's, 2J map and SAFC etc you're still limited to 17 psi absolute max about bhp.

Hybrids in my book are not worth the expense on the 1jz. Pay a little extra and go single So what 1jz single turbo options trading be needed to go big single and how much would it cost???? As i've been considering this myself: Well try to ommitt the word "big": When i take about big singles i refer to larger frame turbos say gt40 to gt45 etc etc. For a streetable setup you want a turbo with quick spool so you dont loose low down driveability and enough grunt to sustain a decent power level.

Basically you loose low down driveability and gain top end power the bigger the Turbo. My choice would be the along following lines for hp.

The main fault with decatting on stock 1jz tubby's is the fact that the wastegates arn't man enough to slow the turbines down when back pressure is removed, therefore over spooling the turbines so that they overboost before the wastegate catches up, this then knackers the turbine seals and eventually the bearings if left in this state - voila smokey idle all day long.

Good old boost creep eh! The 1jz 1st and 2nd gen stuff came about with the breather pipe changes as adi mentioned, this was done as they found premature failure on the cambox one way valve therefore pressurising the crankcase under boost and the need to speed up the intake into the tubby pipework as turbulence was found in the early "1st gen" pipework - but hey fit a catch tank - you dont want oil vapour in a performance engine anyway!

That, coupled with the fact that 17psi is only marginally over the stock 15psi fuel cut, and the fact that your still running at the very top end of everything makes the standalone a much better option to me.

HTH ah thats the first explanation i've heard as to why the seals fail. I think the 'reverting' is an issue on the emanage system itself, i have come across this on 3S-GTE units too, it reverts back and 'forgets' what you mapped it to do - ouch!!! The factory ecu with piggyback fuel units etc is capable of running a few tweaks here and there to gain tidy bhp.

We run the Blue on loadsa cars, the only ignition problem ive come across Adi has been with the 7M due to the weird IGF protocol and even the badaid fix isnt the best, and the Refusal to work on UK spec 2jzgte's.

EMB will map to 30psi no problems at all, and control ignition without any drop out. Any ignition map problems with the EMB itself that i have witnessed have been down buggy Firmware, 1jz single turbo options trading on the later versions above v1.

Doesnt leave you much headroom. Ignore my jibberish, ofcourse the blue unit can do ignition maps but only with the additional harness wired in - Deerrr: Adi EMB uses its own sensor for mapping I'm new to 1jz single turbo options trading of this aftermarket engine management stuff, It may be really simple but best 1jz single turbo options trading be honest, could somebody list the basics HKS f-con Emanage Standalone etc Thus ecu on ebay would no doubt give more power than standard do they have benefits compared to the other types listed, or is this just basic tuning?

It has a specific set of programs which access data maps depending on the feedback of the many various engine sensors etc etc. The ECU's maps have been written specifically for your engine and the components such as turbos, injectors etc etc when it left the production line.

Now, when you modify your engine in Anyway, the ECU has no way of knowing you have added a big turbo, or bigger injectors or Airfilter etc etc. So it will continue to operate your engine as normal.

Reprogramming the ECU's memory with new data maps. Fuel maps changed, then written to a new Eprom and put back in the ECU. Some tuning companys did delevop roms Such as Mines, Techtom etc etc.

But these were very expensive and often were limited in there functions. Mines raised the rev limit by rpms, advance the timing down below a little and added more fuel to the map so you could turn the boost up a little.

But your restricted to what they have done. These are the most common upgrades when taking about engine management. There are many many on the Market and each does to a degree similar functions. Emanage, MAFTpro, etc etc also modify fuel, but ignition values to. There are many many many varients out there.

This is a Completely NEW ecu. You remove your old ECU and chuck it in the Bin. It will have to be wired to the engine using a complete custom wiring harness Though some have adpaters to use most of the existing harness.

Theres are lots and lots to choose from, but to make the most of them, you need someone who is competent at tuning them, 1jz single turbo options trading someone who knows the characteristics of your car.

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