Gold! is it a good investment?

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Last week, I went shopping with my wife looking for jewelry for my brother-in-law. He is getting married end of this year. As Chinese, it is customary for close siblings to give Gold during tea ceremony. This is my first experience in buying gold from a local jewelry shop.

We headed down to Sungai Wang Plaza as there are few big franchise jewelry shops. After checking out few shops, we locked our eyes on a simple but elegant gold bracelet from Tomei Jewelry shop located at BB Plaza. Workmanship I slashed it down to RM Gold price is fixed.

We follow the standard price published by Gold Association of Malaysia. All shops in Malaysia have the same price for Gold. I would not recommend 916 gold trade in price buying anything 916 gold trade in price that area. They may short change you. Thus, we pay you RM The design maybe out-fashioned or you decided to upgrade your jewelry, bring back this piece of gold with original receipt and choose another design. Then you just pay the top up price for your next jewelry.

I am almost certain that my new sister-in-law will love this wedding gift. Discontinuation of Physical Gold Wafers Tagged under: We are selling wholesale gold jewelry here: Please make your own assessment of the relevance, accuracy and adequacy of the information contained in this Blog.

916 gold trade in price are advised to make your independent investigations as may be necessary or appropriate for the purpose of such assessment including the investment risks involved. GoldInvestmentMalaysiaTomei. Perth Mint Gold Bars. You need a Frames Capable browser to view this content.

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Does maxi-cash offer the best price for ? I have about to g to sell. I wanted to change such gold into bullion bar. The best is your shop at beauty world also carry g fortuna, we could work out a trade in: D if the price is right.

Find it easier to keep in bullion bar form than jewellery. I will whatapp you shortly. Strongly not advisable to do that. Gold is still gold, only content is different. And is widely acceptable in SG. Sell when spot is good, cash out on your profit. And no one sell using retail price as a guide. Pawnshop have told me this when i made my purchase: Sell to you at gold price, buy back from you at price.

I will give it a second thought before selling. D You would be looking at multifold profits now. I started with too. Bought back when spot drop.

Discussions can also be found here http: Most jewellars would happily take , as jewellary is rarely made in too soft to wear gold good for investment? Gold is still gold: If my friend allow, his retrenchment story is a scam to me: You offered before the sob story came out leh: D But sad to say, the story is true: Ask him work for me but he scared: D I tot u said there were no fire?

Now I am confused. That's the sad story? I was saying if he agree to trade gram for gram, that means his situation is made up. Then my price is good. If it can help him that's a bonus everyone will be happy.