TradingView: discover the official finance app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1

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Trading View helps you track accurate information for stocks and other markets with the most advanced charts available and enables you to set up personal watchlists and follow hotlists with top gainers and losers.

How App tradingview is redefining app tradingview you think about traders and investors. But in reality - YOU are most likely app tradingview trader or at least an investor. If you ever put money into a K - you app tradingview an investor, and if you do several transactions a year, that qualifies you as long-term trader. TradingView is a network for investors and traders to meet, look at charts and exchange ideas. Stan Bokov, co-founder and COO of TradingView has extensive experience building professional software for traders along with his co-founders.

App tradingview TradingView, they built a sophisticated trading platform for retail traders called MultiCharts and grew it to 2MM of annual cash flow, but switched to TradingView because of the much larger opportunity.

Getting accepted into the Techstars Chicago program in the summer of was a pivotal point for the company. Getting access to vast amounts of knowledge and industry experience through hundreds of mentors, learning key business tactics through focused lectures and having app tradingview chance to pitch to hundreds of VCs at Demo Day at the House of Blues all bolted the company to the next level.

Because of the program, TradingView was able to meet and work with such industry superstars as Chicago Mercantile App tradingview and Microsoft. Awesome Microsoft mentors and evangelists Sonal Mane and Chris Bernard in fact inspired TradingView to build their first ever native app! The Finance app by TradingView helps you track accurate information for stocks and other markets with most advanced charts available. Set up personal watchlists and follow hotlists with app tradingview gainers and losers.

See top app tradingview ideas from TradingView, the most active investor and trader community in the world. Delivered through a carefully designed and streamlined Windows experience. Just like there are communities for designers, comic book fans or even architects app tradingview TradingView is for you if you want to be a financial geek! Get your free registration now and market away! Great information, better still to find out your blog that has a great layout.

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