Banknifty Strategy 3 - Aggressive

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In Heiken Ashi considering the valditiy of the order to be a day suppose that two higher high forms at x Monday are Suppose a person working professional misses to check out the hourly chart ie consider higher highs at 9: Only if market is bank nifty trading strategy and we r getting stopped out then at the end there should be loss.

Would u be able to share instance of losses month in which it gave loss 4. Image I had marked four candles for Lower lows ,candle 1 and candle 2 doesnt sataisfy the criteria so sholud we look at candle 2 and candle 3 or candle bank nifty trading strategy and candle 4.

Suppose I start today then which one should in prefer. What is ideal date for example consider dec28 fut should one start in September or October or november.? As per 5 mins interval it should form around 12 candles rite. Renko Charts are based on Point blocks and are not usually used intraday but used for positional trading… You need to set the Candle criteria… like for every Rs5 move it will make candle… So if a stock move Rs 10 up, then it will create two candles… The charting technique is not time based.

Hi I had the same problem before! Since you are saying that it get cancelled ie square off by 3: I was trading in intraday day with 30 k most of bank nifty trading strategy time I need to squared off! So when ever bank nifty trading strategy see a higher high buy and wait till it fetch you a decent profits! Now I am doing bank nifty trading strategy statergy with 80 k I am enjoying some good profits! Because entry point is crucial!

Relax and trade no need to panic! Bank nifty strategy -Heiken Ashi Chhota Classes. You have start each day afresh. Bank nifty trading strategy only take a trade intraday and initiate if higher high is formed intraday.

Do not take trade if you have missed it. You need to have proper money management. My suggestion would be to allocate a certain amount of money to the strategy and trade continuously.

You should try not to miss any entries Candle 2 and Candle 3 should be checked. Current month expiry Always paper trade a new strategy for a month to get confidence. Hi dear friends Anyone using renko chat for intraday trading?

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Hello traders, can anybody please suggest me best option strategy for banknifty, if i know the breakout and breakdown points. Let say i know that is a breakdown point and is breakout point. And if any one of them is broken, minimum points movement is sure within 2 days. You make money when banknifty moves in one direction. You only lose entire premium paid if banknifty falls between the 2 strikes. Read more in this varsity chapter. Long Strangle, as Srinivas suggested sounds good if you believe a breakout in BankNifty is impending.

Have you tried BNF Calender spread or reverse with wkly options? Iron condor or reverse with different expiry? Calendar Spreads option trading on Indian exchanges! Guys dont waste the money in narrow experiments. There is a hidden strategy called box spread which could give u risk free money https: Its hidden because there is no way u can make a decent money with this strategy.

You will earn fraction of what a FD with a bank will earn. It was not meant to stop u frm dng anything using ur surplus fund! Nothing to be defensive! It was a suggestion for u to gain experience with ease. Otherwise it wud hv continued thr ages as before! Long straddle is a directionless or direction-neutral strategy. It involves buying a Call and a Put simultaneously at-the-money, expecting a good move in the underlying in either direction OR a rapid expansion of IV of the purchased options.

All order fired as market order or limit order. Please tell the best option strategy to capture whole move in best possible way. Sensibull seems to be a promising one. Wait for its arrival.