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All these instruments can be traded from one account with one Trading Platform! All of your margins, profits and losses and fees will be calculated in ZAR, which means that you will not have to worry about exchange controls or moving funds offshore in order to trade in different currencies.

You do, however, also have the option of opening an offshore account if it would suit your needs better. You best share trading platform south africa also be able to hedge your currency risk on different positions by taking offsetting FX positions within the same account. Not only are best share trading platform south africa able to trade all these instruments from one ZAR funded account, you can also trade them from a single platform, at no monthly cost to you.

ProTrader is a state of the art trading platform which will provide you with all the tools that you need to trade successfully.

It is able to accommodate any style of trading, from basic execution to the most complex quantitative trading strategies. ProTrader has a comprehensive array of charting tools and indicators available and it allows you to create your own best share trading platform south africa indicators from within the software.

You will also be able to take advantage of the automated trading functions of the software; from placing basic triggered stop loss and profit take orders to creating, back testing and implementing your own automated trading algorithms. With the Best share trading platform south africa Market Access DMA model, every trade you make is immediately passed directly into the underlying market, with no holds and no re-quotes.

DMA means we do not run our own trading book or trade against you nor do we profit from your losses; we want you to be successful at trading and make money. Client funds are held in a segregated trust account with major local and international banks. When you make a deposit, your money goes into the segregated funds account at a top-tier registered bank. In addition to client segregation of funds Velocity Trade also adopts a ring-fencing structure used by institutions to protect client assets in the case of default.

Velocity Trade hedges every best share trading platform south africa directly in the market immediately when you do a trade. This means we always have zero market exposure and there is no counterparty risk for you.

This is the safest model for clients. We make sure we have plenty of our own capital as surplus liquid funds at all times and have strict internal and external controls in place to make sure that these are monitored.

In order to further minimise any risk to you we apply an auto-close system within our trading platform in order to minimise the risk of client default. We want you to succeed at trading and will not cut winning positions to increase our profit or execute stops and limits at prices away from the market.

With the DMA model every position will be passed directly into the market when you make a tr binary options trading accounts and with our state of the art high-speed technology your orders will be processed in milliseconds — ensuring you get the best price even on limit and stop orders. Velocity Trade does not run their own trading book or have any market exposure, making it conflict-free and the most robust trading structure.

They set the prices that are shown to you, which may not be the actual interbank or market prices. They can hold your position and take the opposing side to your trade so they can profit from any client losses. DMA means we will never re-quote you on a price; you get the actual price published by the exchange or bank currently supplying the best price.

Our trading platform does not allow us to place our own trades, so unlike most dealers; there is no benefit to us if you lose but rather we want you to be successful at trading.

Our trading system is linked to the 10 largest banks in the world and to a number of exchanges which all compete to provide the best price at any one time. This connection is what allows us to provide the best price to you. Spreads vary all the time but can become very narrow when we have a bid price from one bank and a nearly identical offer price from another. We select the best available prices and provide these to best share trading platform south africa when you place an order.

Our system processes orders in milliseconds and has ultra-fast links to our liquidity providers. DMA gives our clients access to the best share trading platform south africa of class liquidity providers, which ensures competitive spreads and wholesale pricing, free from manipulation or interference.

This gives customers the ability to trade directly into the market in the fairest and most technologically advanced trading environment. Through entering into strategic partnerships with brokers and major banks across the world we are able to give you multi-asset global market access. In negotiating the lowest possible fees with these partners we also strive to keep the cost of trading for you as low as possible. For a full breakdown of our trading costs please follow the following link: If you are interested in testing these products with no risk to you, you can register for a free day trading account that lets you practice trading on the market with a virtual R, After you submit your details, we will send you an email within a few minutes with a link to download the platform as well as your demo username and password.

Once you are ready to make live trades simply sign up for a live account, deposit money and start trading! Toggle navigation Main Menu. Toggle navigation International Trading. Local and International Trade anything, anywhere, anytime: One Rand funded account: Leading Edge Trading Platform: Immediate and Conflict-free trading: Opening a Trial Best share trading platform south africa Signing up for an account does not cost anything nor does it hold any obligations to trade.

Live Account Sign up for a trading account. Free Trial Sign up for a day free trial.

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