How To: Install ClockworkMod Recovery And Root Galaxy S2 i9100 [GUIDE]

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Added by Wolfgang Wiedmeyer about 1 year ago. This post contains outdated information and links to outdated images. See the wiki and blog for development updates, up-to-date documentation and current images! See this post for the Galaxy S3. And a big thank binary download for samsung galaxy s2 to Jookia for doing the initial work! See the changelog in the Galaxy S3 post. Basically all of it also applies to the S2. Unfortunately, llvmpipe is still too slow to be the default renderer, but I made it possible to switch back and forth between llvmpipe and the Android software renderer.

The following commands are necessary to enable llvmpipe: If you want to go back to the Android sofware renderer, you will need to run the above commands again. A reboot is always necessary for the changes to be applied.

The mostly used barcode scanner app ZXing has a pretty slow preview. This barcode scanner app from F-Droid has a much faster preview. For now, only Debian Stretch is supported as build system. See this blog post on my personal blog binary download for samsung galaxy s2 instructions on how to set up a Debian Stretch build environment in a chroot. You need to install the following dependencies: All my code is hosted at https: You can get the source code with the following commands: If you want to contribute or if you simply want the latest and possibly unstable changes, you can also initialize with the development branch: Please note that the build might even be broken on this branch and there are no git tags on this branch which pin the source code to certain versions.

The F-Droid binary is downloaded separately. The download script will check if the signature of the F-Droid binary comes from the F-Droid release signing key. Run the download script to get F-Droid: Before you can build the ROM in the regular way, you need to run a build script that takes care of building the toolchain: In order to prevent strange errors, I recommend running the script in a newly opened shell, in which you haven't already run one of the commands like.

Then you can run the regular build commands to create a Replicant 6. Using this script, it is possible to rely on binary download for samsung galaxy s2 own keys and not on the test keys which are not recommended to use because the private test keys are publicly available. Building from source and flashing the default image that is signed with the test keys basically disables all the security measures in Android that are based on signing keys.

The script also makes it possible to use password-encrypted private keys. The images below are signed with my keys using this script. You can run the script the following way: And finally you can flash the recovery in the download mode and sideload the zip in recovery mode: If you have already built Replicant at some point and now you are getting build errors: Run make clobber and retry in a newly opened shell.

If make fails, it may be necessary that run mka org. You need to flash the new recovery first before you can flash the zip to your device.

A full wipe is also necessary. See the wiki for more details. Here on my I, the recovery seems not to work correctly. Heimdall successfully flashes it on the device, then the device reboots. Samsung splash screen appears, but it sticks there.

The signed images were in fact unusable. The unsigned images I tested locally worked. I fixed the signing scripts and updated the images. It should work now. I can confirm that now both the recovery and the zip work perfectly.

I now have Replicant 6. I successfully installed R6. I haven't tried it yet with SIM card and wifi, but these are the next steps. For now I have at least one issue: Under 'storage' I have 'Internal storage', sdcard0 and sdcard1.

More or less by mistake I had my sdcard1 formatted as internal storage. The problem is that my sdcard0 is claimed to be corrupted and binary download for samsung galaxy s2 I try to format it I get this error binary download for samsung galaxy s2 The "55" number goes up one for each try I haven't tried 55 times though!

I DO have 2 GB of internal memory, but it is not recognised as sdcard0. It says 'Insert an SD card before using the camera'. I also can't import archived and encrypted messages from the Silence app from before upgrading from R4. Thanks again for all your efforts - you guys are not only giving us specific solutions but general hope as well. Please keep ud the good work.

I had the same problem as Jacob Bahn. I ended up having to downgrade to Replicant 4. The error message is "command '13 9 volume partition disk: Like Jacob, I'm unable to use the camera because of this.

Also of note, Replicant 6. Binary download for samsung galaxy s2 had to wipe my SD card and format it to even install Replicant 6. Due to the mentioned memory problem, I can't take pictures with the standard camera app. Apparently it won't even start up, if it doesn't have access to memory. And it seems that memory location cannot be changed to e. I downloaded another camera app from f-droid which stats up and let's me take pictures, only it's not saved. There is a configuration menu in which I can change memory location.

Unfortunatly not to external sdcard and with the internal: One interesting thing though: I opposition to R6. I've never had a use for the front camera, but I've seen that it works on my device. Open Camera didn't complain about the lack of storage, so I thought that I'd found a workaround. Instead, I took a bunch of photographs, expected them to be there, and after it was too late to retake them, I found that they hadn't been saved.

I know that this is not at all a priority, but I'm going to give my unwanted advice anyway: Due to the developing of the RepWifi application alpha is coming soon!

While it is functioning without any particular issue, I found out that the default terminal in Replicant 6 is very limited, binary download for samsung galaxy s2 lacks all the features that made the "Terminal Emulator" app so easy and painless to use, such as basic key bindings that help writing numerous long commands less stressful.

I think I'm going to install Terminal Emulator via binary download for samsung galaxy s2 apk anyway, but I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to switch to "Terminal Emulator" app as the default terminal in future releases of Replicant 6. Is there any non-trivial work to be done to include it as the default app?

If not, I suggest using it, as I find it way more powerful and complete. So it's probably some work to get rid of it. I prefer to build the default apps in Replicant from source. Currently, only the F-Droid app is downloaded and not built from source.

Adding the Terminal Emulator would add another app that is downloaded and where we'd have to keep up with version changes. Given all of this, I'd like to keep it as it is for now. As you wrote, it's trivial to install the Terminal Emulator from F-Droid. But what we could do is to set up a wiki page with recommended apps that "enhance the Replicant experience" or are otherwise particular useful to Replicant users and list apps like the Terminal Emulator there.

All that makes sense, indeed! I strongly agree with avoiding other pre-built apps. Another issue is that I can't reveive MMS. It's the same on S2 and S3 binary download for samsung galaxy s2 I have binary download for samsung galaxy s2 re-installation a couple of times with no change.

The Superuser Apps from Binary download for samsung galaxy s2 can be binary download for samsung galaxy s2, but do not work properly as it should be. There is no Apps list in Superuser App, for management and more. I have installed the Superuser App from "Superuser Version 1. But it did not work fine, i get the message: Pleae choose binary download for samsung galaxy s2 installation method.

Recovery mode installation is recommended for HTC devices".

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