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Ever get a pokemon in gts or from a friend and it has a wierd or cuss word for the nick? Don't ask me why. XD thats really funny!!! I give all my Pokemon truly delightful nicknames. I have a Dugtrio in my pc called Pooptrio, for instance. It was found at level 99, so it was obviously hacked EDIT: That would be the word for A-hole I'd never noticed that before. The Shuckle is called Phil Collins with the space. How could someone break the ten word restriction?

Well actually this was my own doing. I was about 7 though and didn't realize till later in life. Over GTS, I got a couple of them. What a stupid name. I might've told him to nickname it that shhh. I got a Celebi named Celebacy lmao. O and a Sudowoodo named Treesus. Whoever named that Breloom was a man of genius.

I dont trade often on the GTS and it has never happened to me but my friend almost always gets pokemon with stupid names when he makes trades. If I get a pokemon with a weird nickname I dont like, I would just give it to one of my friends.

That's what its name is. No I never have gotten pokemon with dumb nicknames such as cuss words I'm glad I haven't. Not mine, but I had to fight it, and it raped my team. What's wrong with a Wurmple or any Pokemon being named Peaches? Anyways, I haven't gotten any silly named, but my brother tends to name his Pokemon dumb things sometimes.

An example is a Voltorb named 'Bally'. No, but there was one time when I was looking at my friend's pokemon, and he had a solrock which was nicknamed "cocaine" xD. No, but there was one time when I was looking at my friend's pokemon, and he had a solrock which was nicknamed "cocaine" xD That reminds me, I left my game at a friend's house, and when I got it back, my box contained a following: My brother traded me a level Sneasel, but before he traded it to me, we went to rename it Arceus for the lulz.

It still bothers me that he didn't evolve it. What if I named my MissingNo l38sj20qojf8? It may not be too smart a nickname, but it certaintly sounds glitchy! I got a minun form a friend who's brother niknamed it "Baby-Binks" while he wasn't looking. I think in the RSE games had some old guy who named a pikachu; Pekachu. Not really convincing for me. I have a bullet-punching Scizor with the nick-name LeeH. Oswld Lee Harvey Oswald because in the end, why not? I don't really trade. I'm just that cool.

DId you look through my box on Emerald? Well, "Traunmagil" is the German name of this Pokemon, so that nickname isn't good but has at least some sense behind it. Back when I was like 10 player silver I named a Taurous or however it's spelt Mewtwo.

And a few years ago I was at a friend's house and we fired up our old gameboys. On wifi, I got a Garchomp nicknamed Cuddles. In Leafgreen, my Pokemon are: Strawberry Electrode got in an in-game trade Esphere. Still haven't given Flareon a nickname. I often name my rival 'Him'. D I don't really trade. I nickname some of my pokemon "Oh no! It" which comes up with funny sentences in battle: I literally laughed out loud just now. WTH was that person thinking?

I don't nickname Pokemon often, but when I do I think of a really dumb name. Pain in Di Az read it carefully: I should do that. I got a Turtwig which was shiny on wi-fi yesterday night named Rawrichu. I don't know what to do with it now. I think people do that for the lulz: I traded with my friend on our emerald versions. My friend gave me a Seedot to help me finish my dex When it learned growth, I said it aloud.

There was an awkward moment, followed by laughter. My brother traded me a Shinx named Fish once. I wasn't very happy about that I have one named Sheldon. Jumpyzz happy emote the Happiny. I accidentally named my Ponyta Mister Cupcake Man. Even without the spaces, and 'Mister' abbreviated to 'Mr.

I haven't really used the GTS yet and am just wondering, is there any way to see what the OT nicknamed the Pokemon before you trade? And nonot Fireblower I've gotten a Bronzor named Archeomire and I thought that was kinda cute. I never name my pokes.

I never used the Venusaur after I noticed the nick name. Indeed, I hate nicknames! If I happen to get one with a nickname, I'll breed it and give it to someone else and keep the egg. Now if I use it in battles with my friend she'll think I'm not a good trainer.

I'm not even going to post them, they're that bad! Mizuka is the only one I'm giving away! I call alll the really pathetic pokemon horrible names with things in it im not going to say here: Once I nicknamed my Rattata "aaaaa" Because I didn't realize I clicked "yes" when it asked if I wanted to give it a nickname.

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