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I commend Congress, especially the Senate Banking and the House Financial Services Committee, for their successful efforts to reach bipartisan agreement.

These efforts resulted in a law that will accomplish our mutual goals of ensuring that the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U. The CFIUS process applies only when a transaction may be related to national security, and that is a very small percentage of foreign investment. Last year, and historically, only 10 percent of foreign direct investments were reviewed by CFIUS, and the cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a majority of those received a review which was resolved without controversy.

Importantly, the new law maintains CFIUS' narrow focus on transactions that raise national security concerns. President Bush, through his open economies statement on May 10,and the Congress, through their actions on this bill, have reaffirmed that the U.

Cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a investment in America creates jobs and revitalizes communities. Foreign owned companies directly provide jobs to over 5 million U. Today, the United States sends a clear signal to the rest of the world that we continue to have an open economy. We are committed to encouraging other countries to deepen their commitment to open investment policies.

An open economy includes vigorous promotion of open investment, free markets and trade. And so, open investment is an important, but not the entire, statement of our principles. It is equally important to enact laws that encourage trade. We need to support democratic countries in our neighborhood. These countries are working to develop greater opportunities for their citizens.

Economic opportunity that arises out of free trade will help build a thriving middle class in these countries, reducing poverty and creating new markets for U. We have worked with Congressional leaders to address their concerns about labor and environment provisions. In May, the FTAs were revised to include these agreed-upon changes, and that was to clear the way for Congressional approval.

Instead, congressional action is being delayed because some are now insisting that Peru, Colombia and Panama change their domestic laws before Congress will consider these agreements. That requirement is unprecedented and unfair and raises doubts about the ability of the United States to deliver on our international commitments.

These policies are vital to ensuring a strong domestic and global economy. Paulson Closing Statement at the U. Business Tax Competitiveness Conference. Washington, DC--I hope that this morning's discussions have been as informative for you as they have been for me.

The distinguished experts and leaders who joined us did not disappoint; we have heard a variety of perspectives and candid discussion. And there is a strong consensus that our business tax system is far from optimal, and is undermining the competitiveness of American workers.

The business tax system has binare optionen signalanbieter very tangible impact on workers' daily lives and living standards. The goal of a business tax regime should be to minimize economic distortions and allow capital to flow to its most efficient use. Capital is the necessary fuel that provides workers the greatest opportunity for productive jobs, higher incomes, and living standards.

Higher living standards, efficient use of capital and maintaining competitiveness are our mutual goals. They are the answer to the question "What are we trying to achieve? This morning cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a examined the options for answering the logical next question, which is "How do we best achieve it?

CEOs educated us on the impact the tax system has on investment, innovation, and expansion decisions. We heard some ideas for improving the system without sacrificing revenue, which could bring greater prosperity through new jobs and increased opportunities for workers. It is clear from our discussion that America needs to remain alert and responsive to changing global economic conditions.

Other nations have seen the results of the bold tax reforms enacted by the U. And with much of the world having reduced their corporate rates, we now have the second highest statutory corporate tax rate among OECD nations. The American economy today is healthy and we have record-low unemployment. But we must look to cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a future competitiveness with the goal of making sure that our policies recognize and respond to changes in the global marketplace.

We can't turn back the clock on globalization, nor should we want to. A globally integrated economy leads to greater innovation by American companies and gives American consumers a wider variety of choices and lower prices on a wide range of products from food to clothes to cars.

Our business tax system must be one that will help our companies and workers successfully compete in a dynamic global economy.

We heard many good ideas and relevant insights here today. Much of our discussion confirmed what we at Treasury have already identified as elements of our business tax system that are obstacles to U. We also heard insights and ideas that have prompted cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a thinking.

We will spend some time digesting today's discussion and will then develop specific follow-up steps in the coming months to build support for the need to improve our business tax system, and ideas for doing just that. It is important to act comprehensively and prudently, rather than respond on an ad hoc basis to current headlines. Promoting an efficient cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a tax system is a high priority for me, and I look forward to working with you on this complicated and significant endeavor.

Washington, DC-- Good morning; thank you for coming today. And, thank you to the distinguished group of business, policy, and academic leaders who have joined us. With me here on stage for our first session are:. My goal is to promote the policies and conditions for economic growth that will maintain and enhance our competitiveness, and lead to greater American prosperity.

Enhanced competitiveness means new and better-paying jobs and higher living standards for American workers. We all know two facts: The question we must ask ourselves, then is this: Our current business tax system is clearly not optimal. It includes ad-hoc policies and preferences that result in a narrow tax base and create distortions that divert capital from its most efficient use. We have made great strides in the last few years.

The reduction of individual income tax rates has helped flow-through businesses flourish and create jobs. In we reduced -- although we did not eliminate -- double taxation of dividends. Now, though, it is time for a comprehensive look at our system for taxing business.

Systemic distortions impact not only corporate owners, the shareholders, but also the employees. When capital is available to purchase new machine tools, to modernize an assembly line, or purchase laptop computers for a traveling sales force, employees are more productive.

Greater productivity means a company can expand, increase wages, and provide new opportunities for employee advancement.

When an inefficient business taxation system discourages marginal investments, our workers pay the price. We will discuss the economic distortions caused by the current system during our first roundtable session. The business tax system must also take into account the reality of an integrated global economy, marked by borderless capital.

Although many American workers don't feel that they are cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a essential drivers of the world's most powerful economy, they are. Global economic expansion is not a zero-sum proposition -- it is no more true that a job created in Dublin means one less job in Denver, than that a job created in Miami means one less job in Minneapolis.

Foreign investments made by U. If American companies miss opportunities to build and sell overseas, it's a sure bet in this global economy that some other company will step in when we do not. Then the productivity and wage gains will go abroad, not to Americans.

In today's competitive marketplace, if American companies can't expand globally, they risk stagnating at home. Our business tax system should therefore not discourage inward and outward investment flows that are critical to U.

Our second roundtable will look at the international tax system, and how we can best maximize our position in the global economy. Now, when our economy is in a position of strength, is an opportune time to discuss the business tax system and its impact on workers, investment, and the United States' ability to compete in the world marketplace.

I look forward to hearing the panel's views and will ask them to start our conversation with this question: What is the impact of the business tax system on cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a competitiveness of U.

Statement of David H. Senate Committee on Finance. Chairman Baucus, Ranking Member Grassley, and members of the Committee on Finance, thank you for the opportunity to appear before you today.

I am honored that President Bush has nominated me to serve as Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs and, if confirmed, to have the opportunity to work with Secretary Paulson, the Treasury staff and others in the administration.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank my wife Amy and our four children - who are here today - for their unwavering support for my public service.

If confirmed, I also look forward to working closely with this committee, the United States Senate, and your colleagues in the House of Representatives to advance U. My experiences as a senior member of the President's economic team, as a public company CEO, and as a former military officer have prepared me well for the position to which I have been nominated.

In my first role in government as Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration, I led a person organization responsible for balancing the promotion of U. In this position, I coordinated with other government cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a consulted actively with members of Congress and their staffs, cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a closely with the business community, and engaged senior foreign officials in reaching agreement on multilateral approaches for satisfying both of these objectives.

This experience has been crucial to my success as the President's principal White House advisor for international economic policy with responsibilities closely aligned with those of the Under Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs.

In my current role, I have led the US-Japan sub-cabinet economic dialogue, directed White House involvement in policies affecting foreign investment in the United States, and coordinated U. My experiences in the private sector too are relevant to the responsibilities of the Under Secretary of Treasury. As a consultant serving Global companies, I worked with senior executives to develop and execute strategies for improving the growth and performance of their businesses.

During this time, I collaborated with business leaders around the globe, and I witnessed firsthand their challenges in maintaining competitiveness in times of accelerating change. Prior to my business career, I was a veteran of the first Gulf War and I served for five years as an active Army officer.

From this experience, I learned the importance of setting a clear direction for an organization, communicating clearly and cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a, and leading by example. I followed this service with formal training in economics and foreign policy, receiving a Ph. Since that time, I have written regularly on economic, national security, and business-related issues. I'm confident that based on these experiences I have the capacity to take cfos fx launches online forex option trading 43a the responsibilities of Under Secretary and execute them successfully.

If confirmed, I will immediately focus on pressing issues such as addressing growing global imbalances, accelerating China's stable integration into the global economy, and ensuring that development assistance from the multilateral development banks is deployed effectively around the world.

I will also focus on advancing the President's vision for opening foreign markets for U.

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