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Binary Options trading is an easy way to earn money online sitting at home. Due to its huge money making potentials, it has attracted a huge number of traders in the last decade. This business is all about prediction. If you learn the ways to predict a change in future market trends and global financial changes, then you too can become an expert trader. Since binary options have now become popular and are being trusted by many high profile businesspeople and investors, it has also become widely popular among many fraudsters and scammers.

They make use of unauthentic software to trick people and steal their money, and this has made many people suffer and thus the need to have safe trading is a must these days. As Binary Options Trading have some unique features and even the opportunity to earn some free money new traders and investors jump into this platform.

Maximum of these traders loses miserably. So it is very important to understand deeply and how to actually survive as a successful trader. This binary options trading is an easy way of trading.

Here, you have to look and predict the value of assets whether it will fall or rise on its time of expiry. They are commodities, currencies, indices or stocks.

Before starting your first trade, you should know all about the benefits of Binary Options Trading. So below I have compiled some of its advantages. Those who are looking for trade they must posses some minimum requirements to be eligible. All the requirements are listed below. You can trade with different types of Trading tools and options. But remember every trading tool have specific expiry time, different types of trading amounts, different types of assets and different types of payout percentage.

There are different types of the option through which you can trade in Binary Options Trading. Experience in all trading tools and option will guide you in your investment. I have listed below some Trade options that can help you in Trading. These are the some basic trading tools and option, but many brokers make their own trading tools for providing various trading choices to their investors. Binary options trading is vast, so it is not possible to portray every guidelines and point in a single article.

To be successful in trading platforms, you have to gather all knowledge about it. It may require a bit of time, just be patient.

In Binary Options Platform there are many scams and legit platforms. You have to choose the best from all of these provided. These platforms use autopilot trading robots for all types of experienced and inexperienced traders or investors.

What is Binary Options Trading? What is Forex Trading? What is Binary Options? Advantages of Binary Options Trading: Inexperienced people are welcomed in this platform. It is not so complex in comparison to the foreign and stock exchange.

This is one of the best advantages of Binary Options that makes it available for new traders. It also makes your income comparatively easy. In foreign and stock exchange traders known how much amount they will be obtaining as return of their investments. But in Binary Options Trading it is very simple to gain profits. It returns high amount on your investments. It has an easy and simple user interface. You can keep track of your account more easily. You can do it directly from your Smartphone, tablets, and PCs.

So in binary options trading, you can handle your account every time and at every single moment easily. In Forex and Foreign exchange trades you can trade with minimum or a limited number of assets. But Binary options Trading provides you with a wide range of varieties to trade on. In this, you can trade 90 assets in a single platform. This makes it quite large and vast compared to other trading platforms.

Binary Options Trading Requirements: First of all, the traders must be 18 years old. If he or she is less than 18 years, then they are not able to trade on this platform. All types of trading places ask you to provide your credentials that prove that all the traders have legal age.

All traders should pose minimum knowledge about financial markets. It is not mandatory for traders but with the help of this knowledge trader may understand binary options trading more easily. Before going to invest on trade, you should know that trading may create massive losses to a part or whole amount of investment. You should invest that much amount of money whose losses will be bearable to you. People should be able to invest money in trading with the help of credit cards or any type of online money transfer.

For doing that, you need to verify yourself by credit card picture and address proof. All these helps to make the trading more secure. It is the most basic trade option on this platform. Here you have to predict for any rise and fall of an asset in fixed time. In long-term asset, you can trade with a longer expiry time. Long term refers to assets with more expiry time which ranges from a single day to weeks.

In this type of trading option traders have to select their time frame and their investment amount. This trade option deals with time frame or array of 30, 60, and seconds. Here traders have to look out for their traded asset, whether it will touch the defined strike at its expiry time or not. It can give you high profits if it touches the specific target.

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B inary options or digital options are commercial instruments that are traded during an agreed period of time with a pre-fixed return. Binary Options provide only two possible outcomes.

Either you're in-the-money or you're out-of-the-money. A trader can profit by just predicting the direction of a price trend. No matter if the price of an asset has moved 10 pips or 50 pips -and either in case of a call option or a put option- the profit potential remains always the same.

Every binary option that ends in-the-money offers a fixed payout. Trading binary options are simpler than standard options as fewer factors affect their pricing. Opposite to standard options, binary options offer specific payouts based on small moves of a financial instrument.

The underlying assets of the binary options include stocks, indices, bonds, Forex currencies and several commodities. Binary options contracts are priced in a similar way as standard options.

Traders in order to determine if there is value in buying a put or a call binary option they must evaluate three factors: If indeed the price of an asset at expiration price is higher than the initial strike price then the binary option is in-the-money and the Payout is taken by the trader.

If the price of an asset at expiration price is lower than its strike price then the binary option is out-of-the-money and the trader suffers losses. A Tie outcome at expiration is referred to a situation when the strike price of an asset is equal to the price of the asset at expiration. Binary options are usually traded in a wide time frame, from 5 minutes to 5 months. Focus on a couple of underlying assets than on many assets.

In that way is easier to analyze the fundamentals and to keep up with the latest news. Furthermore it will be easier to observe periodical price fluctuations and get trading signals.

For example, the price of Oil tends to rise in September, when heating oil is ordered in advance, towards winter. Find correlations between the price fluctuations of different assets and exploit that knowledge by purchasing put and call options. At periods when the US dollar is weak, the prices of major commodities tend to rise, and vice versa. This correlation is very strong especially as concerns the prices of precious metals.

Take for example the first decade of the millennium , the USD is weak against the EUR and the price of commodities is skyrocketing, especially the price of gold. You are trading in a very risky environment and that is why you must trade wisely. Manage your portfolio constantly and eliminate the risk that you are not willing to accept. For example, if you will be soon obligated to make a withdrawal, avoid heavy trading for that period.

Developing and implementing a binary options strategy is crucial for every binary trader. A binary options strategy includes a pre-determined set of rules. This strategy must reflect the trader's long-term objectives and his profile, but also the accepted level of risk exposure. Furthermore, it is better to pick a strategy that will be flexible to any future market conditions rather than implementing one-directional strategies.

Sometimes high bonuses are only available for professional or VIP accounts, in that case prefer to wait and raise money to take advantage of the full deal and don't be in a rush.

AtTradingCenterthere are many binary brokers reviews available. In addition search about particular policies that you may be interested for example withdrawal policies.

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Risk Exposure is Variable. Profit Potential is Variable. Profit Potential is Fixed. Standard Options are Traded on Secondary Market. Binary Options are not traded on Secondary Market. Binary Options does not offer such a Right. A Collateral may be demanded by a standard option broker. No Collaterals are demanded by binary brokers. Expire in a wide Time Frame from 5 minutes to 5 months.