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Follow us on Twitter. Click on a map item to view information about a project. You can also drag the map around in order view different parts of the country, double left-click to zoom in, and double right-click to zoom out. December Project Finish Date: The site was comprised of 19 plots of timber-frame build, with five plots each on the ground floor, first dab profi trader mac and second floor and four additional and larger dab profi trader mac on the third floor.

The ground floor dab profi trader mac all received a sand-and-cement screed and a Retanol Xtreme additive that helped cure the base rapidly and quickly cure the screed. This process allowed foot traffic after just 24 hours and meant the screed process was able to avoid the dab profi trader mac freezing temperatures.

View the benefits of Retanol Xtreme on our Youtube video channel https: At its busiest, Macs had 25 contractors on-site. The project was completed ahead of dab profi trader mac very tight construction schedule and on-budget.

Type of works completed: June Project End Date: A total of 32 three-story townhouses within two sections. Kidbrooke Village is located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and comprises dab profi trader mac four distinct neighbourhoods, integrated seamlessly into one community.

Kidbrooke was once home to the Ferrier Estate, one of the largest and most deprived council housing dab profi trader mac in London. The housing estate was demolished and is being redeveloped as Kidbrooke Village. They are well-ventilated homes and very economical to run.

The ground floor, could, for instance, be converted into separate accommodation. Natural daylight is maximised in each room through the use of clever design features such as lightwells. In fact, the daylight levels exceed those required by the latest British Standards. Special features of the Urban House include: The Urban House concept is extremely green-friendly and we can except to see many more similar projects rolling out across the UK soon.

Both Dab profi trader mac and James have visited the BDC campus on numerous occasions to interact directly with both learners and construction training staff. That interview can be viewed at https: The partnership with BDC makes sense on many different levels — especially as our company has been so active in the greater London metropolis.

We want to be involved in training local talent for local jobs. BDC is in the forefront of higher education institutions in developing realistic training curriculums dab profi trader mac take students out of the classroom and into commercial job sites. Part of dab profi trader mac realistic training means that students are required to arrive at the college for classes beginning at This includes inviting both the dab profi trader mac and their instructors onto real-time construction projects where MACS act as sub-contractors.

Phase 8B including 22 plots comprising one, two and three-bedroom luxury apartments and Phase 9 including 24 plots comprising one, two and three-bedroom luxury apartments. MACS Plasterboard Systems, invited by St Edward to participate in a competitive tender process, subsequently won the contract to provide dry lining, plastering and MF works for the Stanmore Place project. Stanmore Place, a new scheme of homes where an industrial estate once stood, is a development by St Edward; a joint venture company owned by the Prudential Assurance Company and the Berkeley Group.

The scope and nature of the works were similar in design and quality to other luxury developments in which MACS have participated and the standards of work expected by the client were of the highest order.

The project passed without any major incident. The largest challenge was posed when MACS were delayed getting on-site due to an electrical firm going bust dab profi trader mac holding up works.

Sculley though was able to effectively manage his workforce and made-up for the delayed start. The total MACS workforce during the project peaked at 40 men. MACS completed this project on-time and on-budget. Seven separate blocks comprising one, two and three-bedroom contemporary apartments and city suites. The Ealing Road project was the largest in scale of any MACS projects dab profi trader mac date and present the company with a variety of logistical and management challenges.

The dab profi trader mac of work expected by the client were exacting, and timely delivery of the work was a crucial consideration to a satisfactory outcome. MACS responded to this challenge by ensuring that constant on-site supervision by a Director was available. This ensured dab profi trader mac MACS was able to efficiently oversee and supervise a total a workforce that surpassed 60 men.

The Ealing Road project located opposite Alperton Underground station in north London presented MACS a number of challenges that were presented by poor weather conditions. Extremely cold weather slowed dab profi trader mac as the crew were unable to screed due to the very low temperatures. Other challenges rose dab profi trader mac to the sheer scale of the project and the numbers of other trades vying for access to the limited load-in facilities. MACS demonstrated admirable initiative and problem-solving abilities dab profi trader mac demonstarted a positive attitude during its time on site that was mirrored by the other trades.

MACS produced some of its dab profi trader mac works built to date. The Drylining aspect of the project included erecting party wall constructed from twin 50 mm C stud braced with 2 layers of BG sound block either side.

A 15 mm deflection head with fire strip and mastic was required on both sides. One-layer 15mm standard internal walls were positioned either side of dab profi trader mac 70 mm C stud that included deflection and fire strips.

Responding positively to dab profi trader mac heightened commercial pressure caused both by adverse weather conditions and by the exacting works timetablethe MACS management team and its workforce worked well to surpass the high expectations of the client.

Innovation, design excellence, quality build and respect for the local environment are their keys to success, which has been recognised by winning several major industry awards. The Aura Long Road project was similar in design and quality to other hi-spec Countryside Properties in which MACS have participated and the standards of work expected by the client were exacting and of the dab profi trader mac order.

As temperatures rose after Christmas, Topping was able to quicken the pace of works and the men did well to get back on schedule. Other challenges rose due to the bespoke nature of the mansion houses. Design changes including lighting coffers, recessed handrails with integral lightingextremely high split-level floors and also very high large stairwells were introduced well into the build phase and resulted in significant pressure to the works schedule. However, Topping demonstrated admirable initiative and problem-solving ability as he effectively managed the alterations and was able to make maintain steady progress.

The Drylining aspect of the project included erecting party walls constructed from twin 50 mm C stud braced with two layers of BG sound block either side. Responding positively to the heightened commercial pressure caused both by adverse weather conditions and by the exacting works timetable, the MACS management team and its workforce worked well to deliver the high expectations of the client.

MACS completed this project on time, to exceptional high standards and within the agreed budget. The apartments had MF ceilings on the lower floor and screeds to the upper floors, boarding to timber ceilings and MF ceilings, Metal stud partitions and Drylined walls also with a tape and joint finish.

MACS had a workforce of plasterboarders and tape-and-jointers who stayed with the project from start-to-finish on site. Using the same workers in this fashion resulted in good results as all other trades got to know the MACS men, and by communicating across the trades, problems were kept to a minimum.

The Sceptre Gate project presented MACS a number of challenges that required solutions that differed from usual new-build projects.

The foremost challenge was transforming a bare shell of a former office block luxottica binare optionen nothing was square. This dab profi trader mac the first time that MACS had undertaken such a complicated conversion.

MACS started the project by erecting party walls, floor-to-slab, before erecting fire compartment walls. MF Dab profi trader mac were put in place and all other internal partitions attached to the underside of the ceiling.

Electrical and mechanical works followed before MACS re-entered to board the partitions. The Sceptre Gate project had exacting standards and only work of the highest quality was accepted.

MACS responded to this challenge by positioning Project Manager Louis Patten on site with full-time workforce of 6 Fixers to carry out the boarding and partitioning works. The Fixers were joined by 2 Stickers and 4 Jointers. Patten demonstrated admirable initiative and problem-solving ability when suggesting that a sloping bulkhead be constructed that would allow the top-floor windows previously unable to be opened to be opened and closed at dab profi trader mac.

This suggestion added significantly to that functionality of the property. The block work walls were dry-lined ensuring the solid dabs were in place as per BG White book and better. This works aspect was heavily supervised to ensure the required standards were achieved. The Dry lining aspect of the project included fitting MF with mm Quilt insulation and two layers of 15mm Sound Bloc. High-quality feature work included inspecting Fire-rated steel beams and incorporating selected beams into the MF ceilings.

The Guard passed daily in front of the Sceptre Gate project and MACS were unable to dab profi trader mac the Hilti nail guns as the noise similar to gun shots would have prompted response from the police and possible spooked the horses.

Responding positively to the commercial pressure of the rigid Sceptre Gate works timetable, the MACS management team and its workforce worked well to deliver the high quality and professionalism expected by Oakford Homes. Allenbrook Road, Clay Farm, Cambridge. The Clay Farms project had exacting standards and only work of the highest quality was acceptable. MACS responded to the challenge by ensuring that three supervisors would be on-site to support a workforce of up to 50 tradesmen at any one time.

Logistical solutions were provided by MACS through the use of four forklifts and one tower crane. Responding positively to the commercial pressures of rigid Clay Farm works timetable, the MACS management team and its workforce worked dab profi trader mac to deliver the high quality results and professionalism expected by the client.

MACS have completed this project on time, on budget and to an exceptionally high standard. The project commenced in September with a team of plasterers tasked to undertake the sound coating to the party walls and a team of screeders who prepared the under-floor jablite insulation.

These two processes continued throughout September and into October, coinciding with the Plumbers contractor installing their under-floor heating system and creating a coordinated jablite insulation, heating system, screed system of working. Roofing delays resulted in MACS increasing the number of metal fixers to 25 and raising the pace of the erection of the partition walls and MF suspended ceilings throughout both blocks. All 98 flats were brought to first fix stage by late November.

In early December Block B was the first block to become watertight and ready for delivery of the British Gypsum plasterboard so that the plasterboard fixers could commence their second fix works. Ongoing roofing issues caused continued delays and the project programme issued by the Willmott Dixon site team proved challenging.

The on-site Supervisor dab profi trader mac tasked to complete 38 units in a shorter timescale than had originally been agreed. The project had dab profi trader mac stipulated a tape-and-jointed finish to the walls and ceilings, but cold weather meant extended time being needed for the various jointing stages to dry to the ground floor units. The Willmott Dixon Site Team decided to switch the project to plastering viewed as a quicker process to allow the painting contractor to mist-coat units more quickly.

In January Block Dab profi trader mac sat dormant because of poor weather and the building not being water-tight. A new team of plasterboard fixers was recruited and 30 men were brought in to close up 60 flats in Block A. The team worked incredibly hard to ensure that all the units were boarded, drylined and plastered to a high-quality finish in just 20 working days.

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On TV talk shows, the host introduces a guest, then music plays while the guest emerges from backstage.

On podcasts, the etiquette is still being worked out. The host often launches into an introduction while the guest sits quietly in the same sound booth. I hate that shit. She was forty-six, and had been a standup comedian for more than a quarter century; her peers respected her, but that respect rarely translated into high-paying gigs. Like, when I was forty -five. For a while, Jones performed at the Store at odd hours.

Rock saw Jones perform at the Store in Jones has big eyes and a round, rubbery face. She is six feet tall, and often exaggerates her stature by wearing high heels and gelling her hair upward, fright-wig style. Some paunchy male comics, such as Louis C. When I walk in a Payless, it gets quiet than a motherfucker.

You can go get the car, baby, while I handle these three thug motherfuckers. The final line devolves into shadowboxing—Jones bobbing and weaving like a mean-mugging Buster Keaton. She has never been married and has no children; much of her act these days is about trying to find a man. She was born in Memphis and raised in a churchgoing family.

The opening of her special also allows her to pivot quickly to pantomime, one of her greatest comedic skills. Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News, likes to say that an anchor should be interesting even with the TV on mute.

Jones has similar thoughts about comedy. Lucille Ball and Moms Mabley, they had face. Before they even said a word, they made you crack up. Some self-consciously hip venues foster an arch, hyperverbal style of standup that is sometimes called alt comedy. A Jones show is more like a semi-improvised concert. And Leslie comes out of that tradition.

Then she wades into the audience with a cordless microphone. She crouches over a black woman in the front row who is wearing a shiny headband. Nearby, audience members laugh so hard that they fall out of their seats.

A few rows back, she clambers over several audience members to get to a light-skinned black woman wearing blue contact lenses. She asks the woman many variations of the same question: Again, the woman shakes her head. First, she leans toward the woman. Then she backs away. Jones surveys her audience before picking targets. Talk about that other guy instead. People listen to that shit. Soon after the article was published, Thompson was denounced online. Yes—can you get ten sketches turned down and write an eleventh sketch?

She exhaled audibly, but let him finish mansplaining. So, no, I would never put myself into that circle. Motherfucker, yes, it does.

Meanwhile, the show was secretly planning auditions for black women. Second City, in Chicago; the Groundlings, in L. Jones was not among them. She did not attempt impersonations or funny voices; she did her act. She opened with an autobiographical anecdote about being a gangly ten-year-old who longed to be a petite gymnast.

I saw her perform it at Carolines three nights in a row, and it earned an applause break every time. A week later, she heard the news: In the eighties, Al Franken, then a producer on the show, recommended a pudgy nebbish named Jon Lovitz. She was fully formed as a standup. Do kids even know who John Singleton is anymore? Jones performed a few takes. Rich, smiling solicitously, played the song on her phone.

It could have been the punch line in a standup bit, except that no one seemed to know if she was joking. The only person to meet her eye was Natasha Rothwell, a black writer, who gave Rich a subtle, reassuring nod.

In the final cut of the sketch, Jones delivered a different lyric from the same song. But, in her standup, this gift has an unfortunate consequence: The booker, Estee Adoram, greeted Jones with a hug and implored her to perform, but she preferred to socialize. At one point, the reactionary pundit Ann Coulter stopped by their table.

You too famous for me now? In the lobby, someone gestured at a TV mounted near the ceiling. The TV was inaudible, and a bartender scrambled for a remote, but people in the lobby were already laughing.

On Tuesday nights, the host walks from office to office, listening as writers and cast members propose ideas for sketches; the most promising proposals become scripts, which are performed at a table read the next day. Pharoah continued down the hall. Later that night, Pharoah and a writer, Mikey Day, put together a draft of the sketch. It got laughs at the table read, and the producers decided to pre-tape it.

So on Friday morning C. Jones, wearing a red wig and hoop earrings, stood behind a grill, flipping burgers. Every few takes, a P. Pharoah wore a red Yankees cap and a cornrow wig. The other actors, playing his neighbors, rolled their eyes. While the crew reset the cameras, Jones went inside to rest. She was in a bad mood. She had woken up before five, to get picked up in Harlem and driven to Brooklyn.

Zamata and Bobby Moynihan, another cast member, napped on leather couches nearby; C. Only Pharoah was indefatigable. He stayed on the roof, keeping the extras entertained.

To a white couple: The cast ran through the sketch a few more times. In that sketch, he played a cell-phone salesman who switched into exaggerated street slang whenever his boss, played by Jones, was in the room. Pharoah, doing a Richard Pryor impression: Jones, flipping burgers, continued to sulk. Nevertheless, she played up her frustration for laughs. I hate this nasty graffiti everywhere. Gradually, she lightened up. In the next take, C. Like many standups, Jones generates most of her material in performance, discovering funny phrases and gestures onstage.

None made it to air. What am I doing wrong? It was her first regular paycheck. The family moved to Lynwood, which borders Compton to the north. My high-school teacher—it got her, too? The next week, I was back in California. A month later, she was on a bill with Jamie Foxx, who was then a touring comic. After the show, Foxx took her to a Fatburger.

Jones took this advice so seriously that she did not perform for six years. She worked as a cook, a cashier, and a waitress; she sold perfume at a mall; she became a justice of the peace and officiated at weddings. Breast and a wing or leg and a thigh? One night, after a bad date, she came home alone, smoked a joint, and turned on the TV.

I would be the No.