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These days, the buy-side is looking to find out more and more about where brokers are sending dash trader orders. For many years now, full dash trader transparency on order routing has been difficult to attain, but in an environment dash trader by performance and regulation this is about to change.

There are several reasons why the majority of brokers currently do not - or in some circumstances cannot - provide the dash trader with such a granular level of detail. Legacy systems, conflicts of interest and the fact some buy-side firms are simply not asking brokers for the information, all dash trader a part in keeping the order routing process so enigmatic. Back when electronic order handling first took off in the trading world, broker systems did in fact send thousands dash trader orders, cancels, executions and messages to buy-side systems.

In response to this, brokers began to develop filters within their systems to ensure only execution data was sent to asset managers and ever since, these filters have remained in place. Now the buy-side wants that dash trader back, but the information could prove to be detrimental to brokers who stand to lose a significant amount of business should the buy-side not approve of where orders are being sent. Or, in other words, dash trader are at risk of the information being used against them in a competitive sense.

For Dan Royal, global head of equity trading at recently merged asset dash trader Janus Henderson, spotting potential broker conflicts of interest through order routing dash trader a tedious, but necessary process. Looking at a larger sample of data you can gain dash trader sense of who is doing a better job in routing logic.

Not having the data around venue analysis or dash trader an algorithm is performing in relation to others, puts you in the dark in terms of making informed decisions. Rob McGrath, the former global head of trading at Schroders and now FinTech consultant, tells a similar story to Royal but reiterates a lack of full order routing dash trader is not just about avoiding potential broker conflicts of interests, for the buy-side it is all about costs.

He explains being in control of costs on the buy-side is imperative because failing to do so could see other market participants leading your trading strategy, sometimes without your best intentions at heart. Jonathan Clark has more than 20 years experience working at various asset management firms including Blackrock, where he headed up equity trading for the Americas. He has witnessed the market cultivate complexity and fragmentation and says this has brought about the need for more transparency.

Alongside the potential for conflicts of interest, the technological architecture is still not up to scratch on the buy- or sell-side. It requires significant investment in not just the technology but development resources if the system dash trader question does not have dash trader capacity to disclose or interpret the data. Joe Hipps, managing director at Trade Informatics, says there is not enough investment made in systems to make sense of the data.

In recent years, asset managers have shifted focus towards performance and execution having been driven by regulation like MiFID II dash trader best execution practices. Of those, the majority cited order routing data as the biggest area for improvement. Dave Weisberger, head of equities at ViableMkts, says unfilled order information is imperative for asset managers trying to analyse and understand performance while controlling the costs, conflicts of interest and keeping in line with best execution policy.

As full order routing dash trader continues to top the ever-growing list of concerns for asset managers, trading technology companies are slowly but surely emerging to provide such solutions to the buy-side.

Chief executive at Dash Dash trader Technologies, Peter Maragos, has seen this trend developing first-hand. Dash provides a technology platform offering full order routing transparency, dash trader Maragos says the firm has seen considerable growth in recent years, in large part due to its transparency services.

With regulations like MiFID II looming and its global impact becoming clear, transparency and unbundling are more relevant than ever to clients globally. Every basis point counts in terms of execution quality. Similarly, Clark dash trader Luminex, which provides a fully transparent alternative trading venue for the buy-side that does not route out orders, says there are technology firms in this space that provide market-based solutions to help the buy-side interpret the dash trader, granular data.

However, as is often the case, the cost of implementing such a system can be one of the most influential factors for asset managers. But in most cases it dash trader a matter of implementing the platform, system or product.

In many ways, the buy-side could do more to ensure brokers provide full order routing transparency. The buy-side should be asking their counterparts for full order routing transparency, although the sell-side is in many cases dictated by costs and under the same technological constraints.

McGrath argues firms who claim to not have the right technology in place to deal with the often-overwhelming amount of data is not a good enough excuse. But once brokers know they have to analyse all unfilled orders the market dash trader, as it always seems to, find dash trader way to adjust. Change is on the horizon.

The rules will tackle the need for transparency in not just trade reporting, but order routing. Similarly, in the US last year the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC invited industry comments on the idea of enforcing rules which would require firms to provide this level of granular information. Creating real excitement As full order routing transparency continues to top the ever-growing list of concerns for asset managers, trading technology companies are slowly but surely emerging to provide such solutions to the buy-side.

Change afoot The dash trader should dash trader asking their counterparts for dash trader order routing transparency, although the sell-side is in many cases dictated by costs and under the same technological constraints.

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