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Guide My Cart 0. Current Job Past Job. Antonio Carlos Amaral Jr. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. New York, United States. Quantitative Trading - Quant Master Academy. Steve King Nashua, United States. Cedric Chan Diy algo trading dubai Kong. Trader at HuaTai Securities Co. Adam Thompson Smithfield, Australia. R and Data Mining. Senior developer at NetLine Group Sp. Consultant at NetLine Group Sp. Software engineer at NetLine Group Sp. Software engineer at Nokia Siemens Networks.

Emiliano Fraticelli Avezzano, Italy. Henry Diy algo trading dubai London, United Kingdom. Alfredo Stavale Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Investment Advisers, Entrepreneurs, Trader and Dealer at. Olivier Merle Paris, France. Remote trader at Venture Capitalist. Co Owner at Arkad Ltd. Markets trader at Retail trader. Slovenian, Serbian, English, Croatian, Bosnian. Philipp Kahler Berlin, Germany. Eric Roe Midland, United States. Portfolio Margin Trading U. Mark Hoffman Dayton, United States.

Roman Gorlov Rotterdam, Netherlands. Psychologist and Practice Owner diy algo trading dubai Independent Practice. Allen Laster Harristown, Australia. Gaurav Manwani Pune, India. Sandeep Agarwal Ghaziabad, India. Miguel Rosa Lisboa, Portugal. Trader at Caixa - Banco de Investimento. Trader at Deutsche Bank. Mopelola Mohammed Cambridge, United Kingdom. Independent Trader at Avon. Shrenik Shah Mumbai, India. Rhayne Cajigal Baguio, Philippines. Grains and feedstuff trader at Letofin AS.

Davide Rinaldi Pontecagnano, Italy. Analista in opzioni binarie at Davide Rinladi. Mankin Lew Rawang, Malaysia. Quantitative Trader at Independent. Thomas Ng Smithfield, Australia. Shane Tseng Shanghai, China. Anil Singh Jaipur, India. Associate Trader at Futures First Info.

Financial Analyst at Futures First. Timi Olusanya Chicago, United States. Mike Yang Zhengzhou Shi, China. Nick Doyle Farnborough, United Kingdom. Sole Trader at Doyles country property maintance diy algo trading dubai development. Investor at Self Employed. Business Development at Fair. Virtual Reality - VRTalk. Trend Raider Bromley, United Kingdom. Damien Lepage Ipswich, Australia.

Felix Day United Kingdom. Michelle Tamplin Ipswich, Australia. Senior Energy Trader at Origin Energy. Senior Supply Scheduler at Origin Energy. Arturo Ruiz Miami, United States. Joe Baker Atlanta, United States.

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Trading strategies can be fully automated by using trading robots running on our scalable VPS cloud. The project offers paid subscription service and has rapidly growing customer base. The project is looking for an investor who can take care of marketing and business growth. Breeze Trader is a simple, secure and inexpensive automation tool for a small and medium Indian capital markets trader. Visually create advanced algorithmic stock market strategies and have them tested and improved easily.

The days of trading and winning as an individual are over. Quantopian for the rest of us. All from a web browser. Say goodbye to watchlists, backtesting and data-acquisition. Say hello to organization and profitability. Strategically, it's is a long term investment that exploits the benefits of short term trading.

Average hold times are less than a week. No account has lost more than 1. Tradewave is a web-based algorithmic trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Anyone can write a trading algorithm and backtest it for free against our historical market data. When you're ready, we'll run your trading strategy live on any of the major exchanges. Our trading strategy includes both long and short positions selected by a rule-based, artificially intelligent, quantitative system, analyzing more than technical and fundamental indicators every second of every trading day.

Strong reserves allow rapid mobility in and out of the market while maintaining high liquidity. Risk and volatility are mitigated by risk metrics such as buying power, order and position size, profit and loss thresholds and other parameters. David became involved in equity markets and developed systems that move away from market volatility and toward the analytical advantage of algorithmic trading, successfully capitalizing on today's market trends with a proprietary trading system.

Cloud9Trader unleashes the power of cloud computing to make algorithmic trading available to everyone, no longer limited by inadequate tooling and complicated language APIs.

It streamlines the workflow making the process of developing successful trading strategies loads more efficient. Trading algorithms are written directly in the browser and backtested on our powerful, scalable server infrastructure and uniquely against every tick of price data. It also features a super fast HTML5 platform for real time manual trading that draws on the latest web technologies and our experience building these for investment banks.

Cloud9Trader is a fully integrated online trading platform that addresses the need for a cloud based alternative to desktop equivalents while providing a rich intuitive dealer interface that puts user experience in front, a first for the web.

Bullridr provides easy to consume and act upon data to manage a winning portfolio. Bullridr is also designed around position trading, and does not require or expect day trading. Many additional signals are leveraged to secure profit and minimize losses. Basic Subscription is Free!

AlgoBit is an algorithmic-based Nostro-Trading firm that uses big data and machine learning algorithms to trade in the largest crypto-currency exchanges in the world. Our product is built upon 3 main layers: Trading algorithms - Machine learning based algorithms that are able to profit in market uptrend and downtrend. A dedicated market making algorithm and an inter-exchange arbitrage. All algorithms were tested live using AlgoBit capital. Data-mining system - High quality data since January from the leading exchanges and news websites.

Execution system - High performance order execution system with an effective risk management strategy. Generic and easy to scale-up. Bitcoin trading and exchange platform. API exposed account balances and realtime audit process Built by a developer with extensive finance background recently left wall street bank. Product is undergoing beta testing with selected customers for trial in New Zealand. Currently fully self funding and exploring options to grow.

Additional unique security and audit features provide better accountability and proof of funds than other exchanges The founder is also well connected outside of the the US spreading his time between Tokyo, Australia and New Zealand and has a extensive experience working with electronic and algorithmic trading systems.

Algorithmic Alpha Fund, LP is an investment company incubator testing "low frequency" trading algorithms. Early returns are very encouraging. I am converting to a hedge fund in and begin solicitations then. Financial markets are the epitome of informational efficiency… or so we are taught in econ class google Efficient Market Hypothesis. The Company believes that numerous small informational inefficiencies do in fact exist in the markets in the form of pricing anomalies and that these anomalies can be exploited through the orchestration of robust quantitative analysis, predictive modeling techniques and powerful pattern recognition software tools.

The Acacia Trading Bot allows users to easily design, test, and use their own custom trading strategies. We released a free beta in July , which gave us valuable feedback that we applied for our full release in late October We charge a subscription fee for our services, but users can try the Acacia Trading Bot for 7 days free and refer friends earn more time. Our long term goal is to make algorithmic trading available to the average consumer by expanding our services to forex and stock markets as well as improving our user interface.

Deep research has been made before testing the algorithms. Then we code them on python to trade automatically. Profits have been made. Research can be shown. Unlike existing comparison platforms and execution sites, iNVEZZ enables retail investors to compare investment providers based upon peer reviews, including feedback on soft information such as customer service and value added features, as well as price and value for money.

Think a cross between TripAdvisor and MoneySupermarket for retail investors. With the addition of other resources such as news, data, education and tools, and iNVEZZ is a one-stop-shop for retail investors to help them decide what to invest in, and who to invest with. Swapdom is a platform company that expands online marketplaces and increases user participation through algorithmic swapping. Swapdom's Platform currently powers 3 live products and we are licensing the technology for use in other industries.

Players just click on items they want and offer items in return, and then SwapGaming completes the swaps. SwapGaming is our primary focus due to the large potential, rapid growth, and the superior product-market fit over the competition. There is a window of opportunity to leverage our unique technology to own the swapping space across markets and grow our SaaS platform business. We specialize in developing algorithmic trading software solutions tailor made for automated trading or semi automated trading companies.

With our proven solutions any investment idea can be fully automated, no matter how simple or complex it is. Quantiacs is democratizing the hedge fund industry by investing in your algorithmic trading systems. We provide free data and a backtesting environment to simplify your trading system development. We also supply capital to invest your systems and share a portion of the profits with you, the developer.

A decade before we literally relate finance to the banking Sector. We provide Algorithmic tradding course so if you want to book demo class call me at BlitzTrader BlitzTrader is most powerful, broker neutral, multi-asset, low latency and highly customizable algorithmic trading platform to transform your sophisticated trading ideas fast time to the market and help you achieve best execution.

BlitzTrader combines powerful features such as, multi-asset trading across multiple liquidity venues from your algorithmic trading strategies with comprehensive risk management system to ensure safety and soundness of your financial systems. It manages end-to-end automated trading lifecycle including market data feed, risk management, order management system, order routing and deliver exceptional trading experience with extensive range of advance features.

Build on the top is BlitzTrader API and open framework to transform the system to your own customized needs. The BlitzTrader API enables quant developer to enables for rapid development, testing and deployment of proprietary algorithmic trading strategies. Ememsei Studios is a small independent production team bent on taking over the world. Each of us have broad cross-disciplinary skills across finance, programming, film, music, and games.

Our endeavors range from producing media and content to creating bots that take on the stock market. If our projects become marketable and change the world so be it, but we bow down to no one.

The common drive across our team is that we enjoy pursuing the projects we take on, and what we pursue is of our own choosing. We are constantly looking for other multi-talented individuals who, like us, have a strong sense of adventure, a healthy level of insanity, and a genuine desire to take over the world - just because we can.

Exclusive Network is specialized in algorithmic trading softwares development, and in particular, the algorithms for the Forex Foreign Exchange market. Our main algorithm generated: Business plan, financial forecast and performances are available.

We Buy and Sell Discount Gift Cards We buy from consumers that are unhappy with their card offering them the most competitive rate, and sell to savvy consumers looking for guaranteed savings. We are problem solvers. CardSlyce technologies uses custom algorithmic trading concepts to buy and sell Discounted gift cards from the 50 Billion dollar unused gift card surplus. We have created an extremely accurate custom order flow technique to observe and dissect the market as a whole, and each firm individually, hundreds of time per day which gives us a superior advantage over our competition, insuring we are profitable every transaction.

We Love what we do, and love helping consumers get the most money for their unwanted gift cards, while simultaneously helping the other side save guaranteed money at their favorite stores. CTS Forex provides the automated trading solution for the currency market. We are the investor's return enhancer.

We offer four distinct values: Currently, six institutions and over 1, of their clients are using our algorithmic trading investment software. Kimerick Technologies is a hedge fund software company predicting market prices from deep belief networks and machine learning.

Research and development in quantum finance. Deep belief neural network predictive financial trading software capable of retrieving quantitative and qualitative data. It is an automated system capable of trading liquid securities throughout global derivatives market. Machine learning, when extended with algorithmic trading, allows for dynamic systems and networks to be analyzed in meaningful ways.

Prediction models that can interpret stochastic data are the most useful when it comes to making effective trades.