A popular YouTube channel is losing followers by the second after going to war with Redditors

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React sometimes stylized in all caps as REACT is a media franchise used by the Fine Brothers consisting of several online series fine bros trademark reddit on a group of individuals reacting to viral videostrends, video gamesfilm trailers, or music videos.

The franchise was launched with the YouTube debut of Kids React in Octoberand fine bros trademark reddit grew to encompass four more series uploaded on the Fine Brothers' primary YouTube channel, a separate YouTube channel with various reaction-related content, as well as a television series titled React to That. Inthe duo announced React Worlda program and channel in which they would license the binary options trading platforms and b2b reviews suck or of their React shows to creators, which led to widespread negative reception from viewers and fellow content creators, as well as confusion about what their format is.

This eventually lead to the Fine Brothers to removing all videos related to React Worldessentially pulling the plug on the React World program. The popularity of Kids React made it possible for the online series to win a special Emmy Award at the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards in Videos and YouTube stars that have been reacted to by the kids include Smosh who later reacted to the kids' reactions [27]planking [28] and President Obama addressing the death of Osama bin Laden[29] [30] among several other fine bros trademark reddit.

The Elders React series replaces young children and teenagers with the elderly, including Benny and Rafi's father, Yehuda.

The fine bros trademark reddit episode of YouTubers React premiered December 6, Several notable YouTubers have appeared on the series. It consists of people ages 20 to 55, including former stars of Teens React that have aged out of the fine bros trademark reddit.

Depending on the video or topic, Adults React will be specific of which type of adults are going to be reacting, such as parents or young adults. After creating four individual successful React series on their primary YouTube channel, the Fine Brothers launched a separate YouTube channel infor reaction-related content, simply dubbed "React".

Games a Let's Play style series with cast members from their primary React seriesAdvice a series featuring cast members respond to questions from viewersReact Remix musical remixes of past React footagePeople Vs. Foods a series featuring Reactors taste test "Weird" or international foodsand Lyric Breakdown a series in which Reactors break down the meaning of various songs.

Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Fine bros trademark reddit and Adults also played and reacted to video games too. In earlyit was announced that the Fine Brothers made a deal with Ncredible Entertainment, a production studio founded by Nick Cannon to develop a television series for Nickelodeon.

They follow us through all of our different endeavors, all our different series, and now will have the opportunity to follow us to another medium.

On January 26,the Fines announced that they would be launching React World, a way to grant content creators the license to create their own versions of the React shows. Although YouTube's VP on content partnerships, Kelly Merryman, originally proclaimed "This is brand-building in the YouTube age — rising fine bros trademark reddit companies building their brands through collaborations with creators around the world," [58] the Fine Brothers were met with overwhelmingly negative reception to their React World announcement.

Though there was an overwhelmingly negative response to the React World announcement, other personalities expressed milder opinions; Internet personality Hank Green wrote "this could actually be a very cool project if it could be divorced from fine bros trademark reddit idea of two very powerful creators attempting to control a very popular YouTube video format.

Franchising one of YouTube's biggest shows? And that's a shame, because it was an interesting idea that suffered from tone-deaf execution. After seeing the initial backlash from their announcement, The Fine Brothers posted comments on various social media websites including Online option trading best stock site ukTwitterReddit, and the comment section of their YouTube announcement video.

This is purely a voluntary program for people wanting direct support from us, and we continue to be so excited to work with all of you who may want to participate. We're licensing our specific shows, like TV has done for years.

Ultimately, the Fine Brothers removed all React World videos, [74] and posted a statement on Mediumdeclaring they have filed the paperwork to rescind all their "React" trademarks and applications, will discontinue the React World program, and will release all past Content ID claims. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Watch Teens Reacting" Retrieved 22 February International Academy of Web Television. Fine bros trademark reddit March 23, Retrieved February 2, Retrieved January 30, Baker-Whitelaw, Gavia January 31, Retrieved January 31, Block, Alex Ben April 30, Brustein, Joshua December 15, Retrieved December 31, Chansanchai, Athima Sep 20, Retrieved July 6, Chansanchai, Athima February 21, Retrieved July 5, Choi, Christy May 10, Cohen, Joshua April 3, Retrieved April 6, Retrieved May 8, Farokmanesh, Megan January 22, Retrieved February 8, Retrieved February 3, Fine Brothers May 30, Fine Brothers January 29, Fine Brothers February 1, Foxx, Chris February 1, Frauenfelder, Mark December 29, Gutelle, Sam November 30, Retrieved December 11, Gutelle, Sam July 22, Hallam, Carly October 18, Retrieved October 1, Hamedy, Saba January 28, Hathaway, Jay February fine bros trademark reddit, Hern, Alex February 1, Hernandez, Brian Anthony June 27, Hilliard, Kyle January 4, Hustvedt, Marc May 11, Retrieved September 9, Idolator Staff June 12, Jaworski, Michelle February 15, Johnson, Bailey April 11, Johnson, Bailey March 19, Lum, Zi-Ann November 19, Retrieved January 16, Machkovech, Sam February fine bros trademark reddit, Mooney, Paula January 31, New York Daily News.

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Almost as bad as raising the cost of medicines for profits, remember what happened to that guy? Reaction videos have been around since I can remember and these two guys want to own it. Voice your opinions below! I watched the video. This has nothing to do with a broad trademark of the word react which of course is impossible. They touch on that in this video, too. They created a great format with their x Reacts shows and now they want to expand the franchise. PNG x 88 KB.

In fact, my work owns a trademark for it , too. Still means that they want to profit share with anyone who does reaction videos and have legal grounds to remove any similar unauthorized content. Call me an idealist, but YouTube ought to be a market that is driven by quality of content. These guys probably do alright on YouTube already, and just want to squeeze a little more money out of the rest of the community for zero effort.

Whether they are successful or not, whether this kind of action is legal or not, my opinion is that this type of thing is morally abhorrent. Should everything people produce be free game or just video works? Should I be able to create a new Tomb Raider game? Is this reactionary over blatent copycats? I think the issue is how generic the claim is. I think you could classify reaction videos on YouTube as a genre?

Should someone hold the trademark rights to comedy films? What about all those reaction videos to a likeable character in a popular tv show getting poked? A YouTube stream of someone reacting to jump scares in a video game? Would they need to obtain the license for those? DMCA takedowns can be abused so much. YouTube has always had a policy of shoot first, ask questions later in response to them.

The test is whether consumers are being mislead. But, I can see how this would be upsetting to people who make similar videos. This is not a case of protecting consumers from being sold a mystery drink labled Coca-cola, and more like Coca-cola swinging their weight to collect fees on any other people who want to sell soda. The true test of intention is whether or not Fine Bros start issuing takedowns for reaction videos in general, and not just limit to protecting a particular defined and obvious format.

When they call it strats1. But they would have to clearly define what makes their format unique to others so there is a clear difference that can be measured against. Just saying hey, I trademarked cat videos.

Any videos with cats posted without my permission have to be taken down or pay me a percentage of your profits licensing. I just hate scummy people that try this kind of thing. Yes, this is exactly what a trademark is.

I explained that above in an earlier reply. Not sure where my earlier posts are getting lost in translation. This is not what they are doing and this is not what trademark is. A trademark, trade mark, or trade-mark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others.

You are free to create all the reaction style videos you want. Sure they put a ton of hard work into showing people reacting to things and got paid thusly. Exactly this, has someone trademarked the format of: Because if not then we may want to get a trademark on that! The subject is obfuscated in a ton of crap. They did make it popular and, again, they got paid for doing it.

Thankfully they seemed to have pissed in a ton of cheerios on this and people are coming out of the wood-work to oppose it. This video was taken from: Their twitter has them releasing many more videos after this one. Which have all been remove It would be great if we could find a dmca page or something to tell us they where claimed as some other reddit users have pointed out. May 1, FineBros announce " Seniors React " https: I thought this was a pretty decent representation of both sides: In the tech industry, we deal with it from patent holders all the time.

Why is that a problem? Emphasis mine You are free to create all the reaction style videos you want. So wait…how are those video formats theirs in the first place? How is this any different? Did they come up with it though, or did they just make it popular?