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Archive chat log http: My real name is M. Perry and I'm the owner of this website called TheStrategyLab. I took a quick screenshot during the screen sharing for marketing purposes, for my private trade journal documentation other two monitors not shown and for verification that I traded on that specific trading day I posted real-time trades in the chat room for those that were not in the chat room or not allowed in the screen sharing for whatever reason with others that were allowed.

I document my trading with images like this every trading day several different times per day forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 combo with my daily brokerage statements so that I know what my monitors looked like on a specific trading day because I use different templates in my chart configurations and my broker PnL statement screens as volatility changes throughout the trading day. Trading Background of wrbtrader: I'm the sole owner of TheStrategyLab. My first public experience in the trading business was as a moderator for a QCharts chat room and then as a moderator for FutureSource Workstation chat room.

Both chat rooms were not supported by the charting software but we did have a few customer service reps from the companies as members.

After I closed those chat rooms I got involved with a chat room named EminiFutures I agreed to moderate the chat room and then changed the name to FuturesTrades for a fresh start to shake out a few trouble makers that were harassing members that posted real-time trades and brokerage statements I'm a discretionary retail trader that uses a rule base objective trade method via the foundation of WRB Analysis.

I say this only because I'm not an automated trader. I use several different trade strategies that I adapt every year because market conditions are always changing. These strategies are specifically designed for different types of market conditions. Rules of my trade methods are well defined and very strict although there's aspects of my trading that's involved in my consistent profits that most traders underestimate their importance.

Those aspects involves forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 finance, trader psychology, cognitive decision making and trading experience. These critical areas are important in my trading due to the fact I do not use automation nor am I involved in any algorithm trading although I'm aware that the markets are controlled by forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 institutional trading. Trading to me is part artpart psychology and part science. In contrast, my trade methods are the part science and with all of them working together Yet, to be very forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 This is not mentoring I do not teach how to trade.

Also, the reason why I share a lot of free stuff for traders to use is that it's for their due diligence prior to purchase of my price action analysis or trade signal strategies. In addition, I talk a lot about key concepts involving my trade methods in the free chat room for anyone to review that are not included in the fee base trade strategies.

Personal Background of wrbtrader: Veteran that honorably served 6 years in the U. Army as an Air Assault Ranger. I have lived in many countries because I enjoy traveling, meeting different cultures and service in the military. I was born in France. I'm a citizen of France and the United States. I own residences in France inheritedUnited States and Canada. I was raised in Chicago, Illinois although I spent most of my youth summers only living with family in South Dakota.

Educated at a university in the Big Ten undergrad school and Pac 10 grad school. Currently, I'm in a relationship with a beautiful indigenous Iroquoian woman that's a direct descendent of her ancestors that had traveled, hunted and war in eastern New York area Lake Champlain I speak French, English, Lakota grandmother's language and a little Portuguese learned in college.

It's important that language and its stories doesn't die It's a disappearing language This sadden my father because he believed that language is the heart beat of culture. This is why I lived with my grandmother in the summers as a child until I became an adult and then joined the U.

She knew the language and family history of my Siouan ancestors along with the history of the land that had been passed down in our family from generation to generation since the s.

It is a severely endangered language. Therefore, I learned at a very young age that it was a responsibility to keep the language and culture alive even though the beginnings of my family is web with the French. With that said, I speak French, English and Lakota although I'm not really sure which would be consider the native language for me due to my unusual upbringing. This is what attracted the nurse to me when I was in the hospital English, French or Lakota.

You can understand a little about my heritage and voices handed down from generation to generation. The below videos or documentaries from among many is what I use to educated my own children about their heritage although in reality they must live as I did Dakota Pipeline Protests https: Native American Lakota Music https: White Buffalo Prophecy https: Battle of Quebec http: She was given a very catholic first name while her middle name was very native Lakota names as their middle names She attended college in South Dakota wanting to learn more about the Lakota part of her heritage She returned to France with her husband soon after graduation from college to manage the family photography business.

She would tell me as a child As you may be thinking forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000, I'm a very spiritual person as where all my ancestors and very at ease with the winter months. Also, the honesty of a person Some of the memories I have of both forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 grandmothers was about their similarities Two women born in different countries with similar like rhythm in their songs when they sang.

The distance they had between them in land and ocean did not silence the spirits in their soul. Also, I remember all the horrible tasting natural medicine I had the take as a youth whenever I was sick Great for headaches, toothaches and improving the forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 system when burnt although I prefer forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 use it in tea.

The alliance formed a haven in the Ohio Valley that included fur trading while others became explorers and scouts for war into the St. I'm the first of all in my forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 to be born in France and then travel back to reside in the U. Like my grandparents, I will ensure my children spend many summers in the Dakotas and attending family reunions My step-father was a floor trader at the exchange in Chicago prior to moving on to the Federal Reserve.

Many relatives on his side of the family are involved as professionals with the financial markets around the world. Simply, my interest in the financial markets is via my step-father's side of the family. In comparison, there are forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 friends of my family here in the province of Quebec that are institutional traders.

Hopefully when my children become adults Winter is my favorite time of the year and I'm most comfortable in the winter I've studied martial arts Judo for many years. I'm crazy about elk meat, antelope meat, fish and sushi. Yeah, I've traveled a lot Also, I enjoy darkroom photography involving the old archival process I do my own chemistrylandscape winter photography and architectural photography.

Trading is my primary source of income and my secondary source of income is my darkroom photography business in which I have 6 - 10 employees depending upon the time of the year.

I inherited the photography business upon leaving the military. There has been years that I have used my profits from my trading to support my darkroom photography business In contrast, this trading website TheStrategyLab. Currentlydue to health reasons, I have a full time manager for my photography business because I'm unable to do both trading and photography business owner at the same time as performed in the past while residing in another country Most likely I will sell my photography business to another family member in France while helping only as a consultant for the business and then put all my efforts into making my life easier while trading to lesson forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 stresses in my life while I trade.

I use the online name wrbtrader at my trader discussion forum and the same user name at other trader forums e. My former user name was Forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 Japanese Candlestick term with Martial Arts term prior to getting permission from the forum owners to change my user name to wrbtrader due to a few racists that attacked what they thought in error that I was Muslim, Haitian or Japanese because of the user name NihabaAshi.

I won't repeat nor review their racist messages. I have had no other user name nor do I ask anyone to speak for me in any debates. Regardless, they are wrong, ignorant and liars about my race and culture Seriously, my heritage is nobody's concern nor should it matter. Those that intentionally use it falsely in their attacks on me In reality, the user name was a Japanese Candlestick term Nihaba in combo with a martial arts term Ashi The opinions and experiences I discuss at the above forums as wrbtrader that you'll see upon review are straight to the point, consistent and informative.

At the above forums, I do no recruiting, no advertising, no marketing, no multiple aliases and no hidden agendas I just like talking about trading just like any other trader and hopefully without being trolled by others that don't like my opinions. Also, I hold people accountable if they decide to troll me. Simply, I will never share any information with a troll beyond any information that's already posted here at my website. I'm a retail discretionary trader that uses a rule base trade method with equal weight areas in my trading that's critical for my consistency: Yet, if you don't believe in trader psychology, don't believe in behavior finance, forbes magazine and binary options strategy 6000 believe in trade experience and don't believe in risk management Please don't ask any questions about those particular topics and I'll never mention it to you.

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