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XTick for OS X is a professional forex charting and trading software. One of the best technical analysis and trading software designed as for professionals and novice forex traders too. Powerful charting system has about 60 integrated technical indicators, different pointer tools like trendlines, channels, Fibonacci corrections and retracements. Also you can use alerts of different types. Now it's easy to create new trading strategy without programming and apply it to nay chart.

Any chart can display volume profile for current trading day. Any intraday timeframes from 1 to minutes and also daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual charts are available.

The visual appearance of the charts can be changed as you need in the simplest way. You can save the chart as template and then use templates to create the new same charts. Also charts can be placed to any monitor in multi-monitors computers. You can use about 60 technical indicators to make technical analysis. Also you can use 6 useful pointer tools, like trendlines, channels, fibonacci. Pointer tools are attached automatically to the nearest local extremum of chart.

To fast trading you can place new trade order from chart directly. Also you active orders and executed trades can be displayed on charts too. XTick for Mac has a Retina support and uses modern video adapters possibilities to draw charts. It can draw technical indicators with gradients, fill charts areas and use smoothing to draw. Also it reduces any trading delays, power consumption and increase the system performance. To make technical analysis you can use about 60 technical indicators and pointer tools.

You can apply indicators to data and to another indicators values too. Didn't find any indicator for you? Send email to us and we will add it soon. Now you can simply mark and paint charts and create custom trading strategies with XPaint strategies constructor and you not need to know any programming language! Simply select indicators and assign links and conditions between them. DOM windows display bids and offers in realtime. DOM can be used to place or cancel new orders.

In forex you can use different trade desks and quotes boards to see current quotes and make trades and place new orders. Forex platforms for mac can open several currencies in trade desks and make trades in one click.

You not need to switch between windows to get another ticker, all tickers are placed together. Also you can place several tickers into the same Quotes board window. It shows high, low, open and close prices with volume and changes. Quotes spreadsheets display current prices, bid forex platforms for mac offers, volumes, changes. You can place any forex tickers inside and you can open as many windows as you need. Also it display all quotes for this currencies.

If forex platforms for mac need you can filter quptes by forex platforms for mac. And you can trade in this window in one click. There are different windows to display you orders, trades and current positions. Also forex platforms for mac can see detail informations for your trading accounts. All windows charts, quotes, DOM and other can be placed into one or more workspaces. You can switch to another workspace in one click to make your trading more effective and forex platforms for mac. You can setup simple alerts for prices and more complex alerts for indicators forex platforms for mac.

The new type of alerts are XPaint strategies alerts, you can use several indicators at the same time to generate the signal. All components of the platform are optimized for high speed action, any delays are minimized. Also it uses OpenGL graphics to display technical indicators with gradients, fill regions and use Retina display.

System optimized for multi-core computers. Do you want to create your own forex trade strategies, but you don't know any programming language? Not a problem now! Setup XTick on your favorite Apple laptop and use it for a long time. Longer then you can imagine.

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