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Performance - Plain and Simple. I paid for a 3 day seminar and learned nothing! I declined the offer but they are constant with the calls and e-mails. I'm confused and I want to learn very basic options strategies and I don't know where to turn. I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee to learn. Is this industry regulated? All phone solicitations and advertisements are regulated by the FCC. If they call you again, notify the FCC.

Ask to unsubscribe from their mailing list. It they continue, report them to your ISP for spamming. Finally, be vocal about how they are hassling you in forums like this. If the word gets around, they will either stop this practice or lose business. In general, there are many firms that snare the greedy with claims of fame.

The harder they push and the more they charge, how to trading options seminar optionetics more suspicious you should be. How to trading options seminar optionetics normal game is to get you to come to a free seminar. The how to trading options seminar optionetics has little educational value and their intent is to sell you a high priced course. Visit chat rooms and bulletin boards before you pay to attend a seminar. Do not place any value in testimonials! I know it is easier to park butt in a seminar and take notes.

Trading for a living is hard work. The sooner you roll up how to trading options seminar optionetics sleeves, the better. Keep a log of your trades and write down what went right and wrong. Review your notes over the weekend. You will learn far more this way than you will the other.

Help me build this resource and tell as many friends as you can. If you have had any good or bad educational experiences, please help your fellow traders and share by commenting. This is the biggest mistake or loss i have had in option trading. It will help others. Please spread the word to other option traders and help me grow this free resource. Lafferty specializes in option execution. They have been around a long time and I have found their pricipals to be very knowledgeable. It how to trading options seminar optionetics all of the makings of a good one.

The OIC Option industrial council provides free seminars, webinars, and option information including calculators, which are pretty good. Of course, the CBOE is an excellent source and they offer reasonable priced seminars and webinars too. Of course, this site and others including Schaffer, McMillan and the like have a lot of information on their sites.

I hope this helps a little. My input is read books, do practice trades, and watch a few stocks to learn them like human beings. I think Options University is a ripoff. Save your money and goto the local library to borrow some books for FREE. You will learn something from the course, but you are overpaying for information you can receive in any technical or how to book on options and stock charts.

Just practice trading options and you will learn more that way then any other. I have reviewed a decent portion of their content and I felt confident enough in it to put it in my blog. The content is accurate and informative and illustrative. Anyone who was a Specialist in Dell knows options. Most of what can be learned has already been written. Larry is a good friend and I how to trading options seminar optionetics that jokingly.

How to trading options seminar optionetics it many times. The Ninja is also right on another point. Going to a seminar or watching a video is not going to guarentee success. It will only help pave the way. I feel reading books from libraries will also provide some useful knowledge and then you can decide upon attending the course to get more info.

Its an alarm to those who are willing to attend any seminars. After reading this post, we should think twice before we register to any seminars.

I was about to attend a couple of seminars myself. I have traded options on ETFs, but I would rather find the best stock in the index and take a position in it.

For liquidity reasons, institutions have to stick to the ETFs. We are all small, nimble traders and we how to trading options seminar optionetics to use that to our advantage. I also suggest read, read and read more good books; free educational materials and videos on certain websites those expressed above and locate and experiment with available a lot free stock and option on-line tools. Folks, this is a very how to trading options seminar optionetics site.

Probably a few days later the initial strategy is no longer profitable and the next stock selection is needed and vital. I know how to trading options seminar optionetics are additional charting applications that some think are essential but I do not want to spend all my time with several different indicators or charting schemes.

But with Louis keep close watch on when you think it is time to close the position, his capital preservation schemeis lacking in my estimation. If so, I will not post any more such material. It is just that the trading educational world has so many sharks that if we save others and others save me from spending a hundreds of dollars on worthless materials it is a tremendous service.

The key is finding the right teacher and there are more bad than good. Read a book on techinical anlaysis. On the other hand, how to trading options seminar optionetics it is a proven trader with his own systematic approach and that is the lesson, the education could be well worth the price.

I think the point about trading small size to begin with is the MOST important here. And you do not have to spend a ton on books - hit your library and read them for free. And if your library does not have them they can probably do an interlibrary loan. Then take what you are reading and apply it - but with really really small size. Cuz it takes time to find the approach that works best for you. I have also attended expensive seminars that did not improve my chances at trading.

The software performance is mediocre compared how to trading options seminar optionetics the highly profitable examples in their infomercial. If after one year of trading his recommendations you did not make any money, your subscription to his advisory service will be extended for another year, but you will never get your money back. Options University is running Internet Reviews of themselves. Try a search and find out yourself. What sort of unscrupulous marketing trick will OU come up with next?

Thnx for the question Kanu. I have found in my research optionscentral. Hi Jeff, I have traded options on ETFs, but I would rather find the best stock in the index and take a position in it.

My blog specializes in option education. My point is be careful and know what you are buying. Option Strategies - Good and Bad!

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