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How the government plans to police this ban is beyond me. The decision to ban this clip, more than 8 months after it was first released is strikingly odd, especially if you consider how the government-managed mainstream media covered Dr Lim Hock Siew early this year see article appended below — Still dreaming of a socialist Singapore dated 19 Feb My interim assessment is that the current PAP government is in a bind.

A fly on the walls of cabinet may well conclude that it is a divided party, a view that has been bandied about for years. The Home Affairs and Law ministries are helmed by individuals who I opine are conservative and close-minded, and in my opinion of course, are not the best individuals to lead Singapore as we traverse the 21st century. Then there are others, who I am sure were lim hock swee trading options they could change the system incrementally from the inside like Community Development Youth and Sports Minister Vivian Balakrishnan who is quoted by Susan Long see article appended below — What price politics dated 1 Feb.

Likewise there are others, bright and of character, like Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, who allegedly said this of the 22 individuals who were labelled as Marxists and detained without trial under the PAP from See The Online Citizen commentary — Was it a Red or White conspiracy? Please visit, if interested — http: A corollary view, one that has also been bandied about, so I lay no claim to originality, is that the old guard and their anointed flunkies in the ruling PAP, like the Communist Party in China, are actually tightening up on substantive political and social freedoms.

The pressure of genuine and substantive political reform is being thrust upon them and they are increasingly uncomfortable at this prospect — since they have traditionally been the ones in charge. I foresee the government I lim hock swee trading options rather hesitant at using the word government because that includes the executive civil service and judiciary too.

The more liberal factions of the PAP and some good friends of mine who are lim hock swee trading options, and in some cases, for good reason probably think nature, i. I am not so sanguine. The empire will continue to strike back. With finesse and sophistication? Lim Hock Siew may not think so.

The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said the film is against public interest, and possession and distribution of it is an offence. The prohibition, which takes effect tomorrow, makes it an offence for anyone to distribute the video, entitled Dr Lim Hock Siew, or possess a copy of it. Mr See told The Straits Times yesterday that the Media Development Authority had instructed him, in a letter, to surrender all copies of his video and remove any digital versions that are online.

It shows Dr Lim, lim hock swee trading options, giving a speech last November at a book launch where he recounted his experiences as a political detainee. He was arrested in under Operation Cold Store, a massive security sweep that put more than communists and suspected communists behind bars, and detained without trial until The recording, however, lim hock swee trading options classified under Section 35 1 of the Films Act, which allows for lim hock swee trading options banning of any film that is contrary to public interest.

Mr See directed, shot and edited it. He is sincere, unflappable, principled and courageous; he provides a human face to the cold facade of political rivalry.

Their presence in all parties, and on both benches in Parliament, makes for healthier and more meaningful exchanges and debates, all to the good of Singapore.

We have come a long way from the volatile s. In future elections, I hope good sense prevails and that politicians of all stripes will set out to win the hearts and minds of the electorate with verve, fairness and respectability. Now 79, he bares his thoughts and feelings about his political past. As you push open the glass doors and duck inside for a welcome draught of air-conditioning, you meet a group of elderly patients waiting expectantly to see their family doctor.

Dr Lim Hock Siew. Enter lim hock swee trading options simply furnished room, and you see him at a desk stacked with books, stationery and newspapers. An eye chart is pasted on a glass cabinet displaying photos of him as a dashing young man. The year-old doctor, in his white long-sleeved shirt, greets you with a soft, occasionally wheezing, yet otherwise firm voice.

He is not in the best of health, having suffered kidney failure last year and taken a six-month break to recuperate. As he is undergoing dialysis three lim hock swee trading options a week, he would have preferred to extend his break except that his clinic partner, Dr Mohd Abu Bakar, 76, was overwhelmed by the patient load. So he returned to half-day work last month, seeing around 30 patients every morning, and plans to do so as long as his health permits.

But Dr Lim charges a reduced rate for poorer patients and gives free treatment to the neediest. Even pro-PAP Singaporeans who would be horrified by the prospect of a Barisan Lim hock swee trading options government admit to having a grudging admiration for Dr Lim as a man who has the courage of his convictions.

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, once singled out Dr Lim as a politician he admired for his strength of character and ability to sacrifice for his beliefs.

Like many of his former leftist colleagues, Dr Lim feels compelled to give his side of the story before time runs out. In recent years, a cottage industry has sprung up providing alternative histories of Singapore.

Inhe was arrested under Operation Cold Store and detained without trial for nearly 20 years before he was released in Dr Lim refused to agree to any conditions that would have granted him early release and ended up in the record book as the second longest-held political prisoner after his leftist colleague Chia Thye Poh, who served 23 years. Today, 28 years after his release, he still dreams of a socialist Singapore in which there is no exploitation of workers and the oppressed. Both his parents were illiterate, but they encouraged their 10 children to study.

He was the only English-educated child in his family. It was in RI that he picked up a book by the first prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru and became inspired by his socialist ideals.

His political awakening was heightened by the anti-colonial struggles lim hock swee trading options around the world. As he recalls, most of the university students then were indifferent to politics. They were afraid of being arrested and preferred to pursue degrees and jobs. As one of the best and brightest of his generation, he says he felt a deep, patriotic obligation to do something for Singapore and its people in the struggle against the British colonialists ruling Singapore.

He plunged into campus activism, becoming a founding member of lim hock swee trading options anti-colonial USC, which was formed in They won the case and Mr Lee was acclaimed as their champion. PAP was then identified with the working class and Chinese-speaking masses.

But the facade of unity maintained by the motley crew of English-educated intellectuals, Chinese-educated socialists, professionals and trade unionists could not last.

The ideological differences began to surface. They opposed Mr Ong as they viewed him as anti-left and an opportunist. The central executive committee CEC elections resulted in a deadlock with six seats going to the Lee group and the other six going to the leftists. Shocked by the humiliating defeat of his associates, Mr Lee refused to take office.

Dr Lim says he tried to persuade him to do so — to no avail. As it turned out, five leftist CEC members were arrested by the Lim Yew Hock government in an anti-communist operation — and Mr Lee and company were able to regain control of the party. The answer was negative.

After the historic elections which swept the PAP to power for the first time, Dr Lim discovered that his party membership was not renewed.

The two factions were locked in a monumental struggle over the lim hock swee trading options of merger with Malaya, Chinese education and the continuing detention of students and unionists. Racked by dissension, the PAP was on the brink of collapse after losing two by-elections in Anson and Hong Lim in Concerned over the leftist challenge within his party, Mr Lee moved a motion of confidence in the seat legislative assembly.

The PAP survived when 27 voted aye but 13 dissident assemblymen abstained. The party was led by Mr Lim Chin Siong. It was at this juncture that Dr Lim joined the new party. He had to give up a scholarship for further study and quit the civil service. The battle between both parties reached its culmination during lim hock swee trading options referendum on Sept 1,in which the PAP Government cleverly devised three alternatives for merger on varying terms with no option to say lim hock swee trading options.

THEN came the big crackdown. On Feb 2,more than leftists and unionists were arrested in a massive security exercise known as Operation Cold Store, aimed at putting communists and suspected communists out of circulation.

On the mass arrests which changed the power balance in Singapore irrevocably, Dr Lim reflects: When he speaks about his nearly 20 years in detention, there is an edge to his otherwise calm voice. Year after year, he recounts, attempts were made to break the spirit of prisoners through solitary confinement and interrogations, to make them confess their involvement in communist activities.

Dr Lim became a counsellor of sorts to the prisoners, encouraging them to talk about the physical and psychological abuse they faced during their lim hock swee trading options. Some broke down in tears as they relived their experiences. He says that ISD officers wanted him to issue a public statement that he was prepared to give up politics and devote his time to medical practice, and to express support for parliamentary democracy.

Dr Lim demanded to be released unconditionally, saying that he should not need to give up politics if there was parliamentary democracy. InDr Lim was released from detention and placed in Pulau Tekong under certain restrictions. A government statement had described him as a CUF member who refused to give a written undertaking that he would not be involved in communist activities and renounce the use of force to change government. He spent four years on Pulau Tekong before it became an army training area.

There, he read medical books and became the only doctor for the few thousand villagers on the island. In appreciation, grateful villagers would ply him and his wife with durians, prawns and fish. FINALLY, on Sept 6,the Government allowed lim hock swee trading options to live on Singapore island, on the understanding that he would concentrate on his medical practice and abide by various conditions. Asked how he coped with the long incarceration, he puts it down to an unshakeable conviction that his political lim hock swee trading options is right.

So we stuck to the bitter end. Would he shake hands with Mr Lee? She declines to be interviewed as she shuns publicity. They met in when they were working together at the Singapore General Hospital, and married in Dr Lim was detained two years later. For the next 15 years, they saw each other for half an hour each week, separated by a glass panel, and spoke by telephone. We understood each other. She kept on encouraging me, giving me moral support…it was very hard for her.

The couple have one son, who is now working in the National University of Singapore. When I came out, my wife was in menopause. I missed the joy of bringing up my own son. He also paints as a hobby.

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