Airline Review: Qatar Airways

4 stars based on 50 reviews

The day we learned we were the very fortunate recipients of two business class tickets meal options qatar airways any destination served by Qatar Airways was a very happy day. A happier day than when Blonde got married admittedly an easy one to top.

Changing the cat litter tops that day. Blonde doing blind taste testing of wine and chocolate in Business Class sort of. We went the cautious route. Our bubbles of excitement were beginning to burst a bit. However, when they did open the counter staff was exceptionally gracious and pleasant, words rarely used to describe the counter staff at domestic carriers in the U.

We were immediately served champagne before takeoff which was a nice change from being yelled at to not use overhead space in coach which is how most trips begin for us. We meal options qatar airways out our pods and saw that we had a great selection of entertainment options, wifi, meal options qatar airways that reclined to flat beds, packages of nice new pajamas, blankets and eyeshades and a little case of Salvatore Ferragamo amenities.

Then we looked at our menus. Wow — we were not disappointed! No mystery meat and rock hard cold bread. We each loved the Arabic Meal options qatar airways and Blonde ate a lamb that did not die in vain. And of course wine, water and any other drinks you fancy flow freely and are of a high caliber. Before landing we were served a scrumptious brunch, changed back to our own clothes and enjoyed being the first group ushered off the plane.

We were, however, unpleasantly surprised to find out that we had to meal options qatar airways a bus quite a ways at Doha airport. We were on a special bus for high class sorts and impostors like us and it was a lengthy ride. It was his third liposuction procedure and he was miserable flying the day after. We were quite astounded by this information. It had 6 restaurants, a tea bar, French pastries, cheese and wine as well as fast wi-fi.

Blonde has a basic list of things that make her happy and they were all provided: Brunette needs a swimming pool so they may want to look into adding one of those. Lounge chairs you could and we did sleep on. To our immense delight and total mystification we were driven meal options qatar airways our flight in a private BMW! You can see below that the quiet sophistication act was blown by asking to have our pictures taken.

Revealed as frauds in terms of sophistication but thrilled with being spoiled! We saw some movies that were up for Academy Awards, read books, slept and drank wine. Not only were we having champagne but they made freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that Blonde consumed in bulk. So is Qatar Airways really a 5 star airline? They get all of the details right and have one of the newest fleets in the air which is a plus too.

The 5 stars are hampered by the airport experiences. Meal options qatar airways hope they will remedy meal options qatar airways situation in JFK and their other gateways in the U. I love your blog. Can you wait a few years for me to join you and then it can be the Blonde, the Brunette and the Ginger?

Thanks for the kind words — we rarely elicit them! We can definitely use a Ginger so hope on board! We won these tickets from a contest on Facebook or we never in a milling years would have done the trip at all! But most likely not until I get back from Bhutan. I leave on the 2nd of April and return on the 20th. I have many years experience of Business Class travel yet sadly none with Qatar to date at least. It sounds like the on board experience was very comfortable.

Also the private car to the plane sounds just like my First Class experience with Air France, so to get it in Business is a big thumbs up to Qatar. I feel your pain at check-in. I do wonder if it is to save on costs of running the lounge to be honest. Enjoyed reading your piece. My wife, daughter and I are flying biz class on the brand new Qatar A from Boston to Doha later this year. Flying on to Sri Lanka after that Very much looking forward to the pampering.

I did note the comment about the desk not opening up until 2 hours ahead of the flight, definitely a negative. Gives you zero time to hang out at the biz club.

Do you by any chance need a blonde to go along on your trip and provide commentary? One who has never been to Sri Lanka? We went nearly 2 years ago so maybe the issue with not opening a meal options qatar airways earlier has been resolved. I sure hope so! Thanks for stopping by.

Kay, as I mentioned — my wife and daughter — both blondes — will be traveling. But I will be more than happy to report. You have my email address, feel free to reply privately. Their biz meal options qatar airways is now the standard meal options qatar airways our family against which all others are judged. Meal options qatar airways lounge in Doha was comfortable and the food was very satisfying.

We also appreciate the nicely appointed shower suites, nothing gets you ready for another long flight like a hot meal options qatar airways. That dovetails nicely with my leaving the USA on an evening flight preference…. Both are very comfortable and the service is amazing, but without doubt, never flown a nicer plane than that A Quiet as a mouse and super comfortable.

Wow — that sounds great! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Trying to look suitable for our upcoming flight from JFK to Doha. Business Class menu on Qatar Airways. Not exactly Sleeping Beauty but a happy camper! Small sampling of food in Qatar Airways Premium Lounge. Sounds like a fantastic experience!

Thanks — it really was fun — especially the chocolate chip cookies! Are you ever returning to Naples? Thanks for the details and pictures of your experience on Qatar meal options qatar airways class. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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