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That is a bucket-shop site. It's a mu stock options trading demo accounts and not a serious real company.

Did you sign up because of a get-rich-quick scheme? Cause I know of that company they work with autotrader scams. You can't lodge a fraud complaint? I had been investigation possibly dipping my toe in the water with trading and I recently mu stock options trading demo accounts with a company called CFDstocks www. I wasnt aware that they were going to take money from my account and so I have submitted a withdrawl on mu stock options trading demo accounts appropriate page on their website.

I was then sent an email stating that they needed to verify my account before they can authorise the withdrawl and have asked me to supply the following details In order to verify your account, we need you to send the following documents: Utility Bill showing name and address not older than 3 months 3. From the back please cover the CVV code and show the signature 4. Fill in the deposit s in the Traders Declaration Form attached on this e-mail I have pointed out to them in an mu stock options trading demo accounts chat with a supposed customer support person on an online chat that they did not need any of these details before they took my money.

The person on the other end of the chat wouldnt give me any alternative details and ended the conversation - I havve coped the conversation if that wouild help I am of course very wary of suppling any personal information such as they have asked for.

Also none of the UK phone numbers on their website work and I have also tried to call them back on the numbers they have used to call me after I registered.

I have also emailed them with edited pictures of the documents they asked for to hide personal card numbers and my driving licence number and still no response.

My bank have also said there is nothing they can do as I gave the company my card details which is effectively giving them permission to take the money which I didnt know was the case Can anyone offer any advice - I am very worried - all I want is my deposit back does anyone have a number for this company that works - they keep saying someone will call me but no mu stock options trading demo accounts arrives!!! I mu stock options trading demo accounts seriously considering going to the police now.

The name was jack Cruz. Here is his latest message to me: Just contact support and get this done. I have opened an account as an experiment yesterday under a different name. A lady of CFD Stocks called me and was eager to activate my account.

Quite ironic,because I have an account already with a deposit, and i have being asking to be called for months now. They never called me, but once you indicate you want a new account, then thet call you.

They just want to get the maximum money out of you,before they loose interest. Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: November edited November in General. My bank have also said there is nothing they can do as I gave the company my card details which is effectively giving them permissin to take the money which I didnt know was the case Can anyone offer any advice - I am very worried - all I want is my deposit back does anyone have a number for this company that works - they keep saying someone will call me but no call arrives!!!

And now Mu stock options trading demo accounts have just signed in and the on line hep window has disappeared and the whole website i in a foregin language!! Can anyone assist here plese with any helpful advice?

Sorry BillJosh, I think you have fallen victim to a scam, yes. The website includes an image taken directly from the 24option website the list of awards. Have spoken to several people and they now claim i can expect confirmation of bank transfer in a few days I even got an email this morning from a "senior broker" asking me to mu stock options trading demo accounts a trading authorisation form whihc gives them permission to use my money as they see fit for whatever trading they want ot do on my behalf - had to laughingly reply thanks but no thanks.

I am going to report this to the police now as this is ridiculous. They get very defensive on the phone and refuse to give out office address even though its listed in companies house and on their website too. I think, its better to report this company everywhere you can, cause at least this way other people might hear about it and won't be scammed. November edited November They are bunch of theieves.

Anyone knows how to recover and teach them a lesson? On the7th of January cfdstocks take my money to my account without conversation in my mu stock options trading demo accounts. I bed my money back. CFDStocks is a total scam.

Actually, a trader named Joe Cruz "earned a bonus" on my behalf without explanation. I suspected something was wrong when he simply said he had traded for me. Here is what support stated: The funds can be withdrawn only when the foregoing stipulation has been fully respected and fulfilled.

April mu stock options trading demo accounts April Can we all come together to take action against CFDStocks? Should we go to the Media? We have to do something about this. I also registered this guy wants my personal data and im not revealing him but repeatedly they are calling do something to stop these idiots.

Yes, the best is to go to the dispute division of your Bank for services not rendered and to follow due legislation. It is really heartbreaking that people are so desperate for your money that they will tell whatever lie.

Unfortunately if you are not experienced you become a victim. Leave CFD stocks completely, they will push you till they get maximum money and then forget about you. Let me know if there are more strategies of getting money back? September edited September The bastards got me too. How are they still getting mu stock options trading demo accounts with this.

September 20th is today's date. I sensed something amiss and checked reviews. I am trying to recovered my deposit. They are not approving my withdrawal mu stock options trading demo accounts. The phone number for customer support does not work. They are not answering the many emails I sent. They are wrong ins and id like to wring their thriving scamming necks. I sent in all documentation including traders declaration and still nothing.

These crooks should be in prison! Why did I not read your comments. They called me and before I could agree the swiped my entire limit off my credit card. I am with you Ghans. How can we make them return the money? Getting money back can be difficult. There are some chargeback companies but I am not sure if they would work with getting back small deposits. You can let the company know they are getting bad reviews here in this comment section and that it's in their best interest to respond to you unhappy customers with a solution.

Do you see any solution to get my euros back? My bank has helped me mu stock options trading demo accounts reverse two major transactions from them today. Supply e-mails and evidence to them that you have tried to get a refund from the broker, but according to their terms and conditions you didn't receive it in 7 working days. I still need to get other deposits from them, there is also a timeframe the Banks need to adhere too.

If somebody know how Mastercard can assist you without the Bank's help for further back transactions please let me know-follow my tactic to get your money back! Quite ironic that their terms and conditions do not include your own refund.

There is no such thing as a reliable binary broker. Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online 2 2 Guests.

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