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What is the name of the river? The North Bridge spans the Concord River. Ironically, as Nathaniel Hawthorne once pointed out, the name Concord implies peace and harmony.

How old is the North Bridge? The North Bridge that visitors walk over today is actually a recent summer of restoration of the last bridge built on this site in The bridge is the fifth bridge to occupy this hallowed ground since the time of the battle in The bridge that was there inthe "battle bridge," was taken down in Are there really bodies buried in the Grave of north river commander options trading hours British Soldiers?

Do we know who they were? Yes, there are two soldiers buried in the grave. British military records indicate that there were three soldiers all privates in the 4th Regiment missing and presumed dead after the North Bridge fight: One of these three men is buried in Concord center; there is a stone marker for him on Monument St.

The other two are buried here. Who wrote the poem on the British gravestone? They came three thousand miles and died, To keep the past upon its throne. Unheard beyond the ocean tide, Their English mother made her moan. Who sculpted the Minute Man Statue? A young Concord man named Daniel Chester French won the contest to create a monument for the th anniversary of the battle Civil war cannons were melted down to create this north river commander options trading hours bronze statue.

French later created many other pieces of art, including the seated Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.

Does the Statue represent a particular person? No; it represents a generic farmer who leaves his plow and picks up his musket to defend his land and liberty. However, when French was researching the statue, he did make north river commander options trading hours of some of the descendants of Isaac Davis of Acton killed at the Bridge. It is also on U. What was the reason for the British expedition to North river commander options trading hours On the evening of April 18,General Thomas Gage sent approximately British soldiers out to Concord about 18 miles distant to seize and destroy military stores and equipment known to be stockpiled in the town.

His orders to Lt. Smith, the British officer who was to lead the expedition, were as follows: Having received north river commander options trading hours, that a quantity of Ammunition, Provision, Artillery, Tents and small arms, have been collected at Concord, for the Avowed Purpose of raising and supporting a Rebellion against His Majesty, you will march with the Corps of Grenadiers and Light Infantry, put under your command, with the utmost expedition and secrecy to Concord, where you will seize and destroy all Artillery, Ammunition, Provision, Tents, Small Arms, and all military stores whatever.

But you will take care that the Soldiers do north river commander options trading hours plunder the inhabitants, or hurt private property. Under great pressure from his superiors in England to bring Massachusetts back under control of the "lawful government," General Gage sent the troops to Concord in the hopes that by doing so, he could convince the colonists to back down, and thus avoid an armed rebellion.

General Gage also believed that seizing stockpiles of weapons was not only a militiary necessity, but also his prerogative as governor of the colony. The colonists actively disagreed. North river commander options trading hours were British soldiers guarding the North Bridge? General Gage, in his orders to Lt. Colonel Smith, commander of the Britsh expedition to Concord, directed him to take control of the two bridges in town, the South Bridge and the North Bridge.

Securing the bridges was necessary to prevent rebels from slipping across from remote parts of town to threaten the mission. Colonel Smith sent seven companies across the North Bridge with orders to search for supplies and artillery known to be hidden at Barrett's farm, about a mile west of the bridge. At that time, the colonists occupied the high ground overlooking the bridge. If they were to swoop down and take the bridge, the British soldiers at Barrett's farm would be cut off.

Therefore, the British left three companies about 96 men at the bridge to guard it. Where were the British and Colonial soldiers standing when shots were exchanged across the river? When the British first deployed at the North Bridge, they were positioned on the west side of the river.

This is the side where the Minute Man Statue now stands. The colonial militia, with over men, occupied the high ground overlooking the bridge. According to one British officer, they did so "in a very military manner. Hopelessly outnumbered by the advancing militia, the British soldiers pulled back to north river commander options trading hours east side of the bridge, where the Obelisk now stands, and hastily organized for defense.

According to one British officer, "Captain Laurie made us retire to this side of the bridge, which by the bye he ought to have done at the first for the rebels were so near Whe the shots were fired, the British were on the east side Obelisk and the colonists were on the west side Minute Man Statue.

ConcordMA Info Alerts Maps Calendar. Alerts In Effect Dismiss. Jim Lozouski What is the name of the river? Wayne Chen Where were the British and Colonial soldiers standing when shots were exchanged across the river? Contact the Park Mailing Address: Stay Connected Facebook Twitter Instagram.

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