Apple iPhone 5s - 16GB - Silver (AT&T) A1533 (GSM)

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Now you must be excited with the launch and want to get hands on the phone as soon as possible. However, you should be careful because your new iPhone might not be compatible with your carrier. The iPhone 6S A is the most comprehensive model. Buy unlocked iPhone 6S on Amazon. It has the same specifications as the A This is considered the world phone or global phone as it works on both GSM and CDMA carriers, and it is the most popular model being sold around the world.

Buy unlocked iPhone 6S Plus option signal d appel iphone 5 Amazon. It has the same specs as the A Do you have any question regarding those iPhone 6S and 6S Plus model numbers? Let me know in a comment below and I will try to give you an answer promptly. Which iPhone 6S and 6S plus will be available contract free, sim free, and unlocked covering more bands for preorder? Would there be any problem with data ect….

Hi I am wondering the same thing. Can you use an iPhone 6s model A from china elsewhere in the world? Can I put a bell Canada sim in it and will it work in canada. In that was it was for U. And for the 6 Pus the U. Have you fact checked you assertions? I will update the post if there is any change. This is key for me. And will tmobile unlock a phone for foreign carriers? I was told they could, but want to confirm.

But you should contact China Option signal d appel iphone 5 to make sure they will provide service for iPhones bought outside China. I just bought a contract-free t-mobile version, can I use it in China? Is it still locked? Yes you definitely can use it. I just came back to China and can assure you your contract free tmobile 6s will work.

I have one too! Also have a ATT and all have 4G reception. I have questions about us based iphone 6s model a sum free. It would be great if we could have a small conversation about this. Contact me when you have a chance. I plan to preorder the phone on the 12th to use abroad right away. Will the Verizon or sprint versions work on gsm straight out of the box?

I remember buying the iPhone 5S at launch from t-mobile but it was locked to their carrier and they wanted me to wait 40 days. I am afraid this would happen again with them so wanted to know if Verizon and sprint have the same problem. I will be using the phone in Dubai so which one should I get? The Verizon phone will work well option signal d appel iphone 5 Dubai as well. Ive been told the 4G signal and other parts of the phone will not work in the UK.

Im currently on Vodafone in the UK. I am in a similar situation and your reply will help me take that decision. Sounds like you would normally get the A What will be their model number? Do I need to specify the model number to T-mobile if I plan to get from them? It will be easier and safer if you purchase Verizon phone.

Sir I think you made it wrong. I tried to order online but only T-mobile works since I do not have a phone number with either V or S. When you choose the order as guided, it shows clearly that the phone by choice of T-mobile is GSM version, in other words Model Seems like the apple modified their website. They do not make much difference now.

Now I do not have the trouble since both will do the work. Hi, thank you for your info! I plan to buy a iphone6s plus, and my current carrier is T-mobile. I have some questions here, can you help me? If not, which version supports it? T-mobile, Sprint or Verizon? I saw you mentioned the contract-free model, which one is it?

Hi Yuki, Yes all of those models supports China Mobile. My model is A And I have few questions… Does the t-mobile version works in Israel? Whats the best way to get iphone 6S in NYC? Hi, If you are fast and lucky enough, you can preorder and pick up at Apple Store on September Have been getting different answers on the Apple Chat regarding the option signal d appel iphone 5 iphone 6S.

I happy with Cricket wireless and would like to pre order a new 6S and pay full price. Will it make that significant of a difference? Hi per this article, Apple gives the option to order unlocked now. So can I do it in the apple store and require a A model for the program? I just want to confirm with you if the version is compatible with China Mobile Can use China Mobile 4G network since I just talked to Apple specialist, they told me all option signal d appel iphone 5 launch tonight will be locked version even if pay in full.

So I just not sure if I will pre-order tonight. The contract-free T-Mobile version is better in this case as it is fully compatible with China Mobile. Thanks so much for your response! I live in Papua New Guinea. I was going to order a couple of these phones.

I want to pre-order a Iphone6S full price. Its the same signal. In fact, when you first activate the H2O 4g, you get notifications popping up directing you to call ATT to set it up. H2O and ATT are the only reliable providers here.

So I just completed my pre-order. My experience was this. I picked my phone, capacity, and color. I was then asked to pick a carrier. Only after doing so, was I given payment options. Those options option signal d appel iphone 5 of Carrier plans OR pay-in-full only. I then got an option to reserve and pick up in store, option signal d appel iphone 5 I took since I knew that the Upgrade Program was in-store only.

At no point was I offered the Upgrade Program option during checkout. You simply make a store pickup reservation and then apparently talk to the option signal d appel iphone 5 about the Upgrade Program participation during your appointment. Thank you for this. This is exactly what I observed as well. There was one moment where I did see an option to buy on the apple upgrade program. I also wonder how I can ensure I get a model that is unlocked and capable on all 4 major U. It appears, based on that, that choosing option signal d appel iphone 5 Verizon or T Mobile model gets you the unlocked phone.

Do you know if it is physically possible to add support for LTE Band 30 to the CDMA phone later or does it need to support it from a hardware-perspective out of the box to make that possible? However, the contract-free and unlocked version of iPhone 6S might be the same this year.

Confused by the model number — you write and apple — are you talking about the same model? Maybe Apple misspelled it but I will check with Apple later. Tuan, this is more confusing to me. What I understand is all of them can be used worldwide but A is specifically for US since it is locked to US carriers, A is available as unlocked option right now via T-mobile option so it becomes a option signal d appel iphone 5 ph.

And A seems to be targeted specifically for china. The thing is if you get all these models as unlocked version then you should not face any issue anywhere in the world but you wont get all of them unlocked.


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