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Bluefin Companies is a privately-owned multi-strategy trading firm. We are focused on seeking out trading and investment opportunities to grow our capital in the global financial markets. Bluefin was formed in to bring together high caliber people, innovative and quantitative modeling, and cutting edge technology to seek out trading and investment opportunities around the globe across Equity, Commodity, Fixed-Income, and Foreign Exchange products.

The Bluefin partners facilitate the active evolution of ideas and strategies through an open dialogue between partners, traders, IT professionals and support staff. Teamwork is critical within our casual, yet intense environment.

We subject ideas to rigorous debate and constantly test ourselves against the market. We seek employees who can add value to the process by developing a deep understanding of the markets, its trends and behavior, and can deploy that knowledge through building systems and trading the markets.

Successful employees have an entrepreneurial spirit and thrive in an environment that rewards thinking outside the box. We value intellect, creativity, integrity, and expertise in all forms. After gaining a solid foothold in the equity and equity derivative markets, Bluefin expanded to equity option and options and futures trading strategies dubai energy derivatives trading at the New York Mercantile Exchange in This led an expansion into the commodity markets with trading in the energy, agricultural and metals markets in New York and Chicago.

The firm also expanded into the European and Asian equity and derivative markets. Over the next few years, Bluefin continued to develop new quantitative trading and investment strategies and has made a substantial commitment to trading and investing in fixed income. Bluefin trading entities are focused on trading and investing our capital strategically across different asset classes. Our strength lies in continuously seeking out trading and investment opportunities in financial derivatives across a broad array of products and markets.

Extensive experience in trading, combined with sophisticated modeling and cutting edge technology, enable us to actively trade in markets around the globe. Bluefin trades and dynamically positions risk in many products from both upstairs trading desks and on-floor posts.

Bluefin promotes an entrepreneurial, risk-taking culture that is driven by our employees. We consistently seek to hire experienced traders who have a history of making money while managing risk, are motivated and decisive, and maintain a high level of personal integrity and confidence.

Our most successful traders options and futures trading strategies dubai developed a deep understanding of the nuances of exchange-traded derivatives. They have strong communication and mathematical skills and thrive while working in a fast-paced team-oriented environment. Assistant traders undergo rigorous training by senior traders and provide trading and operational support to our trading teams. Assistant traders also have the opportunity options and futures trading strategies dubai participate in the research and development of new trading opportunities.

Daily duties include profit and loss reconciliation, executing basic trades, and acting as liaison between traders and back office. If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Trader in our Hong Kong office, please email hkjobs bluefintrading. Our IT professionals provide the critical systems for our ever-changing trading strategies. Network professionals develop and deploy our network and infrastructure strategy. Application programmers work closely with our traders to develop high-performance trading systems.

IT support professionals help keep our mission-critical systems and infrastructure performing at high efficiency around the clock. Disclaimer and User Agreement Site by reitdesign. All persons using this website or the websites of any affiliated companies collectively, "Site" expressly agree to the following terms as a pre-condition to using the Site for any purpose whatsoever.

The materials on the Site including, without limitation, news, articles, links, and all other information have been prepared for informational purposes only and do not constitute financial, options and futures trading strategies dubai, brokerage, legal, tax or any other advice. In no event shall Bluefin Companies be responsible or liable for the completeness or accuracy of any material on the Site or for any damage or lost opportunities resulting from use of this Site. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

No users of this Site may reproduce, modify, copy, distribute, sell, transmit, license, assign or publish any information obtained from this Site. The unauthorized use of any material on the Site may violate numerous statutes, regulations and laws, including, but not limited to, copyright, options and futures trading strategies dubai, trade secret or patent laws.

Companies Proprietary Trading Careers. Culture History Gallery We believe that the fluid exchange of ideas is critical to successfully adapt to dynamic and evolving markets.

Bluefin Trading, the first Firm in the Bluefin Companies, was founded in We seek to be intelligent and opportunistic risk takers. Experienced Traders Assistant Options and futures trading strategies dubai IT Professionals Bluefin promotes an entrepreneurial, risk-taking culture that is driven by our employees.

Contact Us info bluefintrading.

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Get ready to dial up the intensity by creating a portfolio of high return, high risk investments that can deliver a serious upside for the savvy investor. Creating an investment portfolio is a delicate and intricate balancing act that takes several factors into consideration. Firstly, you must determine your own risk tolerance and your ability to absorb losses.

Furthermore, it is important to consider your long-term financial goals and what would occur if you were to take a significant loss. On the other hand, it pays to think about how much working capital you can allocate towards your high risk investments — namely which funds can be leveraged to drive high returns - without sacrificing good decision-making or the overall stability of your portfolio. In this article we will consider several high return, high risk investment options that can amplify the potential of your own portfolio.

Sit down, buckle up, and prepare for some excitement! Contracts for Difference CFDs and margined FX are leveraged products which carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Prices may move rapidly against you and may result in you losing more than your initial deposit. CFDs and FX may not be suitable for all investors and you should fully understand the risks involved before opening an account. Open a live account Fund your account. IPOs, or initial public offerings, are an exciting and dynamic investment option for those who like to be a part of something big.

They can also nosedive quickly, leaving the investor with little money leftover. In this investment option, private individuals or investment firms will fund the early stages of a company in exchange for an equity position or royalty arrangement with the business. Remember the early investors in Apple? Not too many of them are likely to be punching a timeclock today. While investing in real estate is generally considered to be a sound and time-honoured option, there are serious risks involved when playing the real estate market.

In terms of high risk, high reward, real estate generally requires a significant cash outlay upfront, while high returns are only going to come when the property is located in a highly desirable area. Futures are similar to options purchases, except generally tied to a commodity such as beef, dairy, produce, etc.

Although the high return factor is certainly in play here, there is still a definite chance of losses. Funnily enough, gold and other precious metals are actually quite high risk — their reputation notwithstanding. Think about it this way: Supply, demand, and the performance of the economy as a whole drives the valuation of precious metals.

An investment in these metals returns a profit only if the value goes up, while an investment in a business can deliver dividends and profits back to the investor, as well as valuation swings that deliver profitable movement. The pricing of gold and other precious metals can be quite volatile. One high risk, high return investment that has proven to deliver serious profits when approached intelligently is Forex.

The Forex marketplace is unique in that it operates around the clock during the business week, providing plenty of time for the investor to react quickly to market influencers and news events. Leverage ratios that far exceed what is available with virtually any other investment option can contribute to a higher sense of risk, but those who spend time learning the Forex marketplace and who, just as importantly, partner with the right trading partner can earn massive profits in a short amount of time.

When determining which investment option is right for you, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Demo account Live account.