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Click here if you accept the disclaimer below and wish to go to the Naked trader site. My name is Robbie Burns and I have been a successful trader for more than ten years. I've also written the book "The Naked Trader" which turned into a best seller.

The first edition was published inthe second edition in late and the third edition in This website was created after I left my full-time job as a finance editor for BskyB to trade full-time.

I had been writing an diary page for its teletext service since and decided as I was leaving to transfer that to the internet. This page really is what you would call a "disclaimer" page and you should read it carefully before entering the site - by pressing the "I Accept" button. The website is simply a "diary" of my life, or what you would now call a "blog". I detail what I've bought, sold or shorted and briefly why. I use various spreadbetting companies and stockbrokers to carry out the trades.

I ignore commission but also dividends and I reckon the two balance each other up. So you should be aware this is not a "tipping" site and I do not consider myself, nor do I want to be, a "tipster". In other words tipsters will urge you to "buy" something - and they generally are regulated to do so by the FSA.

I simply state I have already bought or sold something personally. Because of that I am not "regulated" - so I am not an authorised "tipster". I am simply a trader who states his positions.

That is quite a big difference. I am not allowed to give what is called "Individual investment advice". What that also means is if you e-mail me and ask me anything along the lines of "Should I buy or sell this share? For website purposes my buys will often be to smaller stakes than in reality.

So although my buys are real enough, as are the prices, I can and often do buy much bigger stakes in the shares. My reasoning for this is I simply do not want to encourage people to blindly follow me into something when they do not understand the potential risk.

It's ok for me because I can afford to lose money I put into the market. It may not be the case for you. I am generally a medium term investor holding my shares usually between 1 week and on occasions up to 3 years.

Average holding time is probably about 3 months. Quite often, as I play momentum, a share I have bought may already be much higher than when I bought it, especially as I do not update every day. If you follow me blindly you may be buying at a much higher price and you may end up selling at a much lower one. If you follow me into something and lose money, you only have yourself to blame and not me. You should learn about markets and understand what you are doing before entering them.

The most risky way of trading of all is spreadbetting, which I do quite a bit. You should carefully read all the warnings that the spread betting firms issue together with all the warnings in my books.

And never, ever, play with money you cannot afford to lose. The aim of this site is to entertain, and perhaps stimulate debate, and that is the condition of entry! I really hope you enjoy reading about my triumphs and mistakes, but please, just watch and enjoy my triumphs and learn from my mistakes.

Consider this site as entertainment. If this is your first visit to the Nakedtrader website site, I thank you for visiting me, and hope you will find this site useful. After reading and agreeing to the disclaimer, click the "I accept" button below. Please remember, I cannot give any specific advice, as to whether you should buy, hold or sell any individual share.

Naked Trader information is given in general terms only and does not constitute personal advice to any individual. Investors are responsible for formulating and applying their own strategies based on their own personal circumstances. Naked Trader recommends that you obtain independent financial advice from an FSA-authorised intermediary before investing money.

Information given in previous editions of Naked Trader daily updates may become outdated and should not be relied upon unless confirmed by recent comment. Naked Trader takes every care to ensure that the factual information on its website is accurate but cannot guarantee this. My email address is robbiethetrader aol.

Click here if you accept this disclaimer and wish to proceed to the Naked trader site. Click here if you accept the disclaimer below and wish to go to the Naked trader site Hallo and welcome to the Naked Trader Website. Do you wish to proceed?

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Accordingly, the first step to getting started is to meet with the DWC Sales team and agree on the type, location and size of premises to be leased. There are two registration options: Provided that the security checks have been cleared and the application fee and all supporting documentation are present and correct, the registration and licensing process can be completed within as little as 1 day.

A Branch is a representative office of a legal entity which already exists outside of the DWC Free Zone local or international. A Branch does not have a separate legal personality, and it derives its power and authority from the parent entity. A Branch must have a General Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Branch, but it will not have a board of directors or company secretary.

A Branch must retain the same name as the parent entity and end with the designation Branch. A DWC limited liability company is a new legal entity with its own legal personality. The liability of its members shareholders is limited to the value of the share capital they hold in the company. Shareholders, Directors and the Company Secretary can be located anywhere in the world. If the capital is AED 1,, or more, then a proof of capital is required. The consideration for which a share in a Free Zone Establishment is issued may take the form of cash or non cash consideration.

The Branch must be immediately related to the existing entity. A Branch cannot undertake any business activity which the existing entity is not already authorised to undertake. Commercial Licence — allows the holder to carry out specified commercial services including general trading and logistics services; Service Licence — allows the holder to carry out services specified in the Licence within the DWC Free Zone and elsewhere in the UAE; Industrial Licence — allows the holder to carry out specified light manufacturing activities; and Education Licence — allows the holder to carry out educational and social services, educational aid training, and educational consultancy services; Please refer to DWC Free Zone and Administration Rules and Regulations on this site under Commercial Business for a detailed description of these licences.

A trading activity and a service activity cannot be issued under the same licence. Yes, in limited cases. For example, a company with a service license could provide consultancy services to clients outside of the DWC Free Zone and a company providing logistics services under a commercial licence could pick up and deliver but not sell products within the UAE.

However, trading activities under a commercial license only permit the holder to sell completed products in the UAE market through a local registered distributor or a commercial agent in the UAE. Different restrictions apply on different licence categories. Leasing and investment activities are only permitted within DWC. DWC has a wide range of products from the business centre upward that will suit different types of business needs.

To qualify for and to hold a licence, the applicant must be in possession of a valid lease for office space, warehouse space, or development land within the DWC Free Zone or have a service contract with the DWC Business Centre. Only if a change in ownership triggered a change of name, registered office or a change in the business activities of the parent entity would this need to be notified.

The form for such changes can be found on this site under Commercial Business. A change in ownership must be notified to the Free Zone Administration Department. To confirm the transfer of shares from the original owner transferor to the new owner transferee , the following must be submitted along with a covering letter to the Free Zone Administration Department: This responsibility usually falls to the Company Secretary, although the Board of Directors can resolve to appoint an alternate person or professional third party, such as a lawyer, to handle the filing.

A change in ownership will have no legal effect until the Free Zone Register has been updated with the details of the new owner, even if consideration has already been exchanged in respect of the transfer or sale of shares. The fees for a change of ownership are currently AED 2,, payable in advance. All amendments related to the licence i.

We strongly recommend that professional advice is taken in respect of any share sale or transfer. The Board Resolution needs to confirm the names of the transferor and the transferee and the number of shares being transferred or purchased, and refer to and approve the instrument of transfer i. The Board Resolution also needs to instruct and authorise the Company Secretary or other third party to handle the filing and processing of the transfer with the Free Zone Administration Department.

If a transfer has been registered by the Free Zone Administration Department and pre-emption rights have not been followed, the transfer can be challenged by the existing shareholders lodging a complaint in writing with the Free Zone Administration Department. The Amendments need to reflect the change of ownership of the company, stating the names, addresses and shareholding of all shareholders after the transfer.

The Amendments must also be signed by each shareholder, confirming their agreement to the amended documents. The Free Zone Administration Department will cancel the original share certificate and issue a new share certificate in the name of the new owner, and stamp and seal the Amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

The change of ownership is legally effective as soon as the Free Zone Register has been updated. If the transferor is listed as an Officer of the company i. However, all amendments will be subject to review and approval of the Free Zone Administration Department, and this could delay the time it takes to process a registration. Audited financial statements must be submitted annually. Notarisation authenticates signatures that appear on a document.

The Notary Public will insist on witnessing the signature and any supporting documents which certify the identity of the signatory such as a passport. In the event that the document is being signed on behalf of a company, the Notary may need to see evidence that proves the individual signing is authorised to do so by the company.

Attestation can be best described as the process whereby a document is certified to give it legal standing internationally, which is why this process is also occasionally referred to as legalisation or an apostille. Please refer to the requirement checklist. We provide certified true copies of corporate documents eg. Certificate of Incorporation, Trade Licence etc.

We also provided confirmation of basic register information such as the name and address of the FZE, directors and other officers upon request of the FZE.

However, we do not notarise Board Resolutions, Powers of Attorney or similar documents. A registered office can be a location anywhere in the world, however, it should be a location from which correspondence is easily retrieved. All correspondence delivered to a registered address will be deemed validly served and notified provided proof of delivery exists.

We accept documents and application forms completed in English or in Arabic only. The cost of first registration are included in the license fee please see below. The fees for all licences except General Trading are currently AED 10, per annum, per licence, payable in advance. All DWC Free Zone administration fees are payable in advance in accordance with the rates and charges set out in the Tariff in force from time to time.

Payments can be made in cash or cheque at the Free Zone Administration counter or by bank transfer in local currency to the following account: Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai has issued the law number 4 for on levying an additional fee on each transaction at government, quasi-government or public entity.

The third article of the law provides for collecting an additional fee of 10 Dirhams, thereinafter called the 'Knowledge Dirham' for each transaction done at any public department of the emirate. According to the law, proceedings from the 'Knowledge Dirham' fee shall be deposited in a special local bank account in the name of Dubai Executive Council. The Council, as per the law, shall allocate an annual budget to support social and cultural development initiatives based on the proceedings.

Emirates Post are offering P. Box services tailored to meet your needs. Please check their website http: However, there is a plan to open a branch within DWC in the near future. The closest is Jebel Ali Post Office which is open from 7: For all queries, you may contact the Call Centre on 5 from 7: You have to submit to Emirates Post a completed Corporate application form which can be downloaded from http: You can get the fee structure by calling the Emirates Post Call Centre, or visiting their branch or website http: No, we do not provide template employment contracts.

The terms and conditions of employment contracts are a matter of negotiation and agreement between the employer and the employee. Development Regulations and Guidelines are available here. Thank you for visiting the Dubai South website. If you have any questions, would like to arrange a visit or speak with an executive, please use the form below to get in touch with us.

Within UAE toll free: Kindly provide your information and we will attend your request within 2 working days. Thank you for registering with us One of our representatives will contact you soon.