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Summer holidays are pretty much what I live for! The sunshine, the pool, friends…. I never want to come home! I went to a opzioni binarie legale called Kas in in Turkey with my sister Holly and a few of our friends.

It was the most beautiful fishing town and I just fell in love with how beautiful it was and how friendly everyone was. We ate so much of the local food and went out for the day on a boat which opzioni binarie legale just amazing. I wanted to share one of my opzioni binarie legale from an evening out whilst I was there. My outfit is from Pretty Little Thing. The staying power and pigmentation on this is incredible. Ciate has long been a favourite of mine when it comes to nails.

So when I set my eyes on this new collaboration I was excited to try it. The colours are very safe, a red a coral and a nude.

So first impressions, the brush was beautiful and really made painting my nails easy. It glides on and the pigmentation is so bold and plump. It dried quite fast and after 4 days was still chip free. A opzioni binarie legale throw in here but I wanted to mention it. They file really well and look super cute. Make sure you file your nails well before you opzioni binarie legale them! Plus the bottle looks really cute on my dressing opzioni binarie legale What do you think of the three shades?

My inner makeup geek is literally doing backflips right now with this set. Yes you heard me right, here in the UK! You can now buy Tarte products on QVC and there are so many of their hero products and sets like this on sale. The Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara has been in my top 10 mascaras for a while now.

The shadows are quite matte and pigmented which is good if you get oily eyelids like me! Again I like nudes and pinks so this is good for me. You also get the double-ended complexion brush which is exclusive to QVC so I was glad to get my hands on this. The coloured clay bronzer blush in pink bronze is so pretty to have in a makeup collection.

Finally you get the coloured clay cc primer. The opzioni binarie legale is made up of light lavender and mint green colours along with the primer which is meant to help reduce redness and neutralise your skin. The staying power on this is amazing and it makes my skin look so much smoother. That opzioni binarie legale, I still enjoy using it but just not everyday! Keep checking on QVC as they change their deals each day and the sets that go on there. Have you tried any Tarte makeup before?

The sun comes out and our instagram feed fills up with beautiful outfits and festival hairstyles. I was lucky enough to go to Coachella this year in America and got so much inspiration for summer hair so I wanted to write a post about it. So I wanted to create 3 styles that are really easy to do, but still look really good! I have really damaged, coloured hair so this opzioni binarie legale duo is amazing at making everything feel much better again!

So onto the first look which is great if you have long hair. Scrape your hair to one side and make a really chunky plait whilst opzioni binarie legale it up. Flip the plait over one side and grip it in place. Then find a hair tie or wired band to lock it in place and finish your outfit. Onto the second look which is great for all hair lengths and is probably one of my favourites.

First of all you need to make sure the top of your hairs and the lengths are nice and smooth and are going to style well. Then taking sections of about 1 inch, twirl the hair round and tuck it through the band at the back. Repeat this all the way around your head until all the hair is up. This look needs a bit of maintenance as you go through the day in terms of putting a few bits back in if it falls out but it looks so beautiful!

Finally onto the third look which is really good for all hair lengths and is vintage inspired! Take a section of hair from the front of your head and use your fingers to create a roll of hair that finishes at the front of your face to one side. Pin it in place and then take some hairspray to set it. You can either leave the hair like this or find an accessory to place around your head or to the side.

It appears miracles can happen. Never ever did I think I would be able to leave the house and go a full day not only opzioni binarie legale topping up my powder, but without even putting much of it on in the first place. I have always suffered with shine, and as the day goes on my makeup slides off and it just opzioni binarie legale to get worse. Garnier set me the challenge of putting their new Pure Active Matte Control to the test. So I mixed things up opzioni binarie legale little, and filmed an entire day in my life showing every step of the day and my skin and makeup.

I mean, if the shine was going to show, I wanted you there to be able to judge it for yourselves! I was a bit on the tough side too, I actually put it through its paces for about 10 hours.

I got ready with this as opzioni binarie legale of my morning routine, went to brunch in this, took the dogs for a walk in this, filmed under my lights with this and relaxed by the fire in the evening with this. I felt defeated, and I loved it.

So much so that I raved about it in my monthly favourites and daily skincare and makeup routine. It contains mattifying Airlicium and Salicylic Acid which opzioni binarie legale the little miracle combination that explains the shine control.

One other thing for me that stood out was how hydrated my skin felt at the end of the day. And if you have combination or oily skin like I do, I would pretty much expect this will become your go-to product like it has mine!

Now my fear of leaving powder at home has changed into my fear of leaving this! One of the first things Opzioni binarie legale do apart from changing my makeup, is to switch things up skincare wise.

I wrote a post last year all about why I love the range, and now there is a new launch that I wanted to talk about. The Polyphenol C15 range is designed to protect the skin from free radicals that we face everyday and to treat and help prevent wrinkles.

First of all I want to talk about the overnight detox oil which I was already using last year as part of my skincare routine. For me this is the hero product of the range, I apply it before I go to bed and leave it to work its magic. All the products have anti-oxidant grape seed in and this one has carrot oil and lavender which make it smell amazing. Next up are the moisturisers. The new cream is lovely too, same smell as the rest of the range but this is slightly richer.

On days when my skin is dry in places or sometimes overnight as a mask I use this. It really helps smooth things over a little. My mum is a big fan of the eye and lip cream as it really makes a difference for her with tightening the skin.

All you need to do it go on twitter and follow caudalieUK and talkbeckytalk and tweet us using WinSkincare. Do the same on Instagram following caudalie and talkbeckytalk and leave a comment using WinSkincare under one of their pictures. Also, you can make your own fun film over on the Caudalie website here which I did too. My entire collection of Spring skincare products will be over on my channel tomorrow here. Have you tried any of the Caudalie range? Bobbi Brown has released the most gorgeous skin serum foundation and me opzioni binarie legale with some of you guys got to be a few of the first ones to get our hands on it.

I remember when I was little watching my mum use the beautiful black packaged products and saving opzioni binarie legale as soon as I was old enough to buy some of their makeup brushes. First of all my skin was prepped and primed.

First up the Opzioni binarie legale Skin Supplement which smells beautifully of grape and felt quite soft and smooth when it went on. The Hydrating Gel Cream has to be one of my favourite products. The tropical grass extract smell is amazing and it just felt so light when it went on, but still gave me the moisture I really need on the numerous dry patches I seem to be getting.

Finally, the hydrating eye cream that every raves opzioni binarie legale. I was really impressed with how good it was at correcting my skin which has been blotchy and red recently. Then we used one of the new brightening bricks. I think this might be a little too bight for me when it comes to using it as a blush as I stick to nudes but for the opzioni binarie legale it was just perfect.

To finish on the eyes we used opzioni binarie legale Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in karat to prime the lids and give a really nice base, followed with a mix of their gorgeous eyeshadows. So opzioni binarie legale to the exciting part! All you have to do is comment below and tell me which product from the range is your favourite.

Opzioni binarie legale Sands is already huge over in Australia. It was created by a couple of Aussies and getting straight to the point…. One of my pet hates about tan is the fusty smell and this one has finally bucked the trend. I usually use darker tans but the colour on the lighter opzioni binarie legale is enough for me at the moment. You need to leave it on for about 6 hours and opzioni binarie legale wash it off.

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