How To Enable Windows 8 Hibernate Option

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Troubleshooting Guide Chapter The Windows Update utility program provides an automatic and easy-to-use solution for installing software updates for Windows 8. If enabled, this feature will scan your system to locate outdated software. You can either set the program to automatically download official updates from Microsoft whenever they are available or have it prompt you for permission first.

Downloading the latest updates from Microsoft is very important as they often come with performance and security improvements. Open the Charms Bar and click or tap on Settings.

While in the Windows Update tab, click or tap on Choose how updates get installed. While automatic updates are recommended by Microsoft as they ensure that you are always running up-to-date software with all of the latest security features, you do not have to turn them on. Updates can sometimes take a lot of time to complete and it is good to be in control of when they power options windows 8 tablet going to be applied.

Having Automatic Windows Update running in the background might negatively influence the performance of lower-spec PCs. Open the Charms bar and click or tap on Power options windows 8 tablet. Click or tap on Change PC settings. Next, click or tap on Update and recovery. If updates are available, click or tap on Install now to download and apply the latest updates.

With every update, you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions. After the download and installation is completed, click or tap on Finish in the dialogue window. It is possible to hide unwanted updates so that you are no longer notified about their availability.

This is not recommended by Microsoft and the feature is intended for advanced users. Open the Charms Bar and click or tap on Search. In the search box, enter the text Hide or unhide updates. From the list of results, click power options windows 8 tablet tap on Hide or unhide updates to open the settings menu. To hide an important update, click or tap on the link that tells you important updates are available.

To hide optional updates, click or tap on the link that tells you optional updates are available. On the next screen, select the update that you want to hide and then either press and hold for touch devices or right-click the item and then click or tap on Hide update.

Open the Control Panel and click or tap on System and Security. Click or tap on Windows Update and then click or tap on Restore hidden updates. Select the update that you power options windows 8 tablet to download and power options windows 8 tablet click or tap on Restore.

The Windows Update program will launch and automatically check for updates. You will then be asked if you wish to proceed with downloading the selected updates. Optimizing your hard drive and freeing up space is one of the best and easiest ways to improve the overall performance of your Windows 8.

The reason why it is so easy is because Microsoft has developed and included a couple of valuable optimization tools into their operating system that will help you optimize the hard drive without the need for third-party tools.

You can optimize your hard drive manually by configuring and running the included optimization tools. The process is very simple, but there are a few requirements:. You cannot optimize a network drive as it is not a physically connected piece of hardware. You cannot optimize a drive that was formatted using any of the following file systems: A power options windows 8 tablet needs to be running power options windows 8 tablet before it can be optimized.

If the drive you want to use does not appear on the list, then you need to repair it first see the next section for further instructions.

You can also open the Control Panel and search power options windows 8 tablet the same keyword as seen below. This will open the defragmentation tool. You will see a section labeled Current status or just Status depending on your version of Windows. Under the Status section, locate the hard drive you want to optimize and click or tap on the element. Click or tap on Analyze to run an analysis test.

The results will tell you if optimization is recommended for the selected drive. After the analysis is completed, the current status column will display a percent value that corresponds to the percentage of the fragmentation.

Just click or tap on Optimize to run the process. This task might take a lot of time to finish up to several hours. During this time, you can still use your PC, but lower-spec devices will have a power options windows 8 tablet drop in performance while the process is running.

As explained in the previous section, if your hard drive does not appear in the list, then it likely has one or more errors that need to be repaired. To run this repair tool, follow these steps:. Open the Charm Bar and click or tap on Search. Press and hold or right-click the drive that you want to repair to bring up the contextual menu.

Click or tap on Properties. In the Properties window, click or tap on the Tools tab and then under the label Error checking click or tap on Check. This will run an automatic diagnostics and repair tool.

Follow the instructions on the screen to scan and repair the hard drive. To start, check how much free space is left on the drive. Open the Charm Bar and click or tap on Settings. Click or tap on PC and devicesand then click or tap on Disk space. Read our guide on using Windows Update to learn how to download and install official updates from Microsoft.

Power options windows 8 tablet will see a list of all drives associated with your device. If you are binarycom virtual account features with the current storage space situation, you can free up some space by running the Disk Cleanup tool.

It will remove old application files and data that are no longer being used. Alternatively, you can right-click or press and hold the Windows Start Key in the Desktop and select Control Panel from the list as seen below. Click or tap on Administrative Tools from power options windows 8 tablet list of results. In the next window, double-click or double-tap on Disk Cleanup. If you have more than one drive, the system will ask you to select the drive you wish to clean up. Select the drive you want to clean and click or tap on OK.

Follow the on-screen instructions to configure Disk Cleanup. The Task Manager has always been a very powerful tool and it has received even power options windows 8 tablet features in Windows 8. You can use the Task Manager to monitor performance of your PC and identify which programs or services might be causing performance issues. The Task Manager has a lot of shortcuts associated with it and there were always many ways to open this tool. When Windows 8 introduced touch support even more ways to open the tool were introduced.

From this screen, you can click on Task Manager to open this tool. You can right-click or press and hold the Windows Start button in the Desktop and select the Task Manager from the contextual menu. The Processes tab is opened by default and it displays all of the currently running power options windows 8 tablet along with their CPU, memory, disk and network usage. In Windows 8 and Windows 8. Clicking or power options windows 8 tablet on of the columns will sort all of the processes based on the values in that column.

This makes it easy to identify the highest spenders and monitor how they handle resources. If you right-click or press and hold any of the items in the Processes tab, you will see a contextual menu for the selected item. Here you will have several options, but the three most important ones that you are likely to use are:.

End task — this will close the task and terminate all of its associated processes. Usually, you would use this option for programs that have become unresponsive.

Search online — this option will open your browser and search online for information about the selected process. This is very handy if you need to identify an unknown process. Properties — provides additional information about the selected process. The performance tab in the Task Manager has been redesigned and it is very different from what you might have used in older versions of Windows.

The new design power options windows 8 tablet modern, the graphs are easier to navigate and there is more control over how the information is presented. On the left sidebar you can switch between the CPU, your main working memory RAMyour drive and Network connections to monitor their performance.

Double-clicking or double-tapping on the graphs will switch between the full view and summary. You can also right-click or press and hold to open a contextual menu that will reveal more options that allow you to customize how the data is presented visually.

However, one of the best options has to be the simple copy-to-clipboard feature which makes it very easy to copy and paste performance information. Just right-click or press and hold on one of the power options windows 8 tablet in the left sidebar see screenshot below and click or tap on Copy. This will copy performance information to your clipboard and you can now paste this data into Notepad, Word or your email client.

This is very power options windows 8 tablet if you are communicating with support and need to send them some system information regarding the performance of your CPU or disks. In Windows 8 and 8. This has been a long-requested feature and it is finally present. In previous versions users would be discouraged of customizing some of the available startup settings as they accidentally turn off important system utilities or drivers. Those programs are hidden from the Startup tab and there is no need to worry about it.

Windows will measure how much every startup item is impacting slowing down the startup process.

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