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Repair-binary is the email user name of the person to be notified when the system is rebooting, the default is "root". Assumes the sendmail program is installed and configured correctly.

Zero to disable test. Time limit repair-binary seconds for a specified file time-stamp to age. Must come repair-binary the corresponding 'file' entry. Time interval seconds between polling for system health. Default is 1, but should not be more than [watchdog timeout]-2 seconds. Number of polling intervals between periodic "verbose" status messages. Default repair-binary 1 i. Limit on the 1-minute load-average repair-binary a reboot is triggered.

Set to zero to ignore repair-binary test. Limit on the repair-binary load-average before a reboot is triggered. Limit on the minute load-average before a reboot is triggered. Must be in numeric IPv4 format best investment options in qatar as Number of ping attempts per polling interval.

This flag is used to tell the watchdog daemon to lock repair-binary memory against paging repair-binary, and also to the permit real-time repair-binary. It is strongly recommended to do this! Number repair-binary repair attempts on one repair-binary without success before giving up and rebooting. Default is 1, and setting this to zero will allow any number of repair attempts. Repair-binary limit seconds for the repair repair-binary.

Default repair-binary 60 and beyond this a reboot is initiated. Time limit seconds from the first repair-binary on a given "object" until it is deemed bad and a repair attempted if possible, otherwise a reboot is the action. Default is 60 seconds. Default is 5 seconds, range Name of the file-like device that holds temperature as an ASCII string in milli-Celsius, typically generated by the lm-sensors package.

Time limit seconds for any test scripts. This can be set to repair-binary to disable the time-out, however, in this case a hung program will never be actioned, though all other tests will continue normally. Provides basic control of the verbosity of the repair-binary messages. The name of the device for the watchdog repair-binary. The timeout to set the watchdog device to. Default is 60 seconds and it is not recommended to change this without good reason. Not all watchdog hardware supports configuration, or configuration to second resolution, etc.

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