[Wekalist] Weka setOptions is not setting in the Matlab for some classififers

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In order for Rto communicate with Setoptions matlab, Matlab v6 or setoptions matlab is needed. It will not work with previous versions, because they do not support Java! We use the term server to say that Matlab acts like a server with regard to R.

Note that it a standard Matlab session that runs. Also, the starting of the MatlabServer is simplier from Matlab v7, although it is pretty straightforward for Matlab v6 too this has to do with the fact that in Matlab v7, the for remote-data-transfer required Java class can be dynamically added to the Matlab Java classpath. This is needed when Ris running on a host with a seperated file system than the one Matlab is running on. If "remote" transfers are setoptions matlab, the InputStreamByteWrapper Java class must setoptions matlab found by Setoptions matlab, otherwise an error will occur in Matlab as soon as data is send from Rto Matlab.

In all other cases, the above Java class is not needed. The method is experimental and may not work on your system. By default the Matlab server setoptions matlab for connections on port For other ports, set argument porte. Note that the code will not halt and wait for Matlab to get started.

Thus, you have to make sure you will wait long enough for the server to get up and running before the Rclient try to connect. By default, the client will try once a second for 30 seconds before giving up. Moreover, on non-Windows systems, the above command will start Matlab in the background setoptions matlab all Matlab messages be sent to the Routput screen.

In addition, the method will copy the MatlabServer and InputStreamByteWrapper files to the current directory and start Matlab from there. If the above does not work, the Matlab server may be started manually from Setoptions matlab itself.

Please follow the below instructions carefully. To be setoptions matlab once: In Matlab, add the path to the directory where MatlabServer.

See help pathtool in Matlab on how to do this. In R you can type system. For Matlab v6 only: Instead, the so called Java classpath has to be set. In Matlab, type which 'classpath. Copy this file to the current directory and append the path the directory to InputStreamByteWrapper. Instead of setting path and classpaths, you may try to copy the MatlabServer.

To start the server: In order to start the Matlab server, type setoptions matlab -nodesktop setoptions matlab -r MatlabServer If using Matlab v6, make sure your classpath. This will start Setoptions matlab and immediately call the MatlabServer. Here is how it should look like when the server starts: Copyright The MathWorks, Inc. For product information, visit www. Setoptions matlab with option -V6.

Alternatively you can start Matlab and type MatlabServer at the prompt. This package has been confirmed to work successfully out of the box together with Matlab v6. There is no security in the communication with the Matlab server. This means that if you start the Matlab server, it will wait for requests via the setoptions matlab at the specified port.

As long as your Rsession has not connected to this port, others may be able to steal the connection setoptions matlab send malicious commands if setoptions matlab know the R. The Matlab server only allows one connection. In other words, if you are connected it is not possible for others to connect to the Matlab server. Matlab client for remote or local Matlab access Package: Community examples Looks like there setoptions matlab no examples yet.

Post a new example: Learn R at work Try it free.

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