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Working in trading, you'll be a part of a busy, bustling, fast-paced environment where the risks are high but the payoffs are higher. The types of trading jobs depicted in the media are often sales trading stock and option trading jobs, where finance experts work with clients to trade stocks, shares, commodities, or equities, but the trading sector is much more varied than that.

Trading also involves execution trading, where you'll simply execute the orders passed to you by others and have nothing to do with deciding whether or not the trade is sensible.

Flow traders do the trades on behalf of the bank's clients whilst prop traders trade the bank's own money - a high risk position that's highly sought after. There has been concern in recent years that the increase in electronic trading will have a significant effect on job opportunities.

While this is true to an extent there are smaller numbers of sales traders within the industry today than there were 10 years ago the use of technology has opened up doors to a number of alternative roles within the trading sector.

Avenues that are opening up within trading include quantitative analysis, which involves creating algorithms which tell a computer when to buy or sell, and IT roles which oversee the running and maintenance of electronic trade equipment.

For those who prove themselves to be confident working with clients, sales driven, passionate about the market, and who have an in depth understanding of individually traded products, the rewards and opportunities can be huge.

For the best opportunities, target companies that are considered to be key players within trading, such as JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and Citigroup. Our terms and conditions have been updated; click here to read them.

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