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New Yorkers reflect on what the symbol of the Twin Towers meant to them and to the world. Completed inthe towers stood at stories each, accommodating 50, workers anddaily visitors in 10 million square feet of space.

On September 11,the World Trade Center became the target of a massive terrorist attack that took the lives of nearly 3, people. The disaster also radically altered the skyline of New York City, destroying the twin columns of glass and steel that over the years had come to embody the city itself. Aldrich, headed a new state agency whose proposed goal was a permanent trade exposition based in New York. Market research indicated that the city would benefit more by modernizing its ports, however, and the plan was soon scrapped.

The grandson of Standard Oil founder John D. RockefellerDavid decided to revive the World Trade Center concept as the core of a revitalized lower Manhattan.

For the resources and power to make the project work, Rockefeller turned to the Port of New York Authority. The Port Authority had been chartered in by New York and New Jersey to build and operate all transportation terminals and facilities within a mile radius of the Statue of Liberty.

After a bitter legal battle with representatives of the Radio Row merchants, the Port Authority won the right to continue its plan. Instead of the traditional stacked glass-and-steel box construction of many New York skyscrapers, Yamasaki worked with structural trade day the movie to come up with a trade day the movie design: Floor trusses connected this exterior steel lattice to the central steel core of the building. Wien even ran an ad in The New York Times in May predicting that a commercial airliner was likely to fly into the towers.

Plans had already been made to guard against such an accident—which had happened in July with a smaller plane at the Empire State—and the towers were designed to be safe in a collision trade day the movie a fully loaded plane the largest existing plane at the time. It was assumed such a plane would have to be lost in trade day the movie for such an event to occur; a terrorist attack was never envisioned.

Because the ground in lower Manhattan was largely landfill, engineers would have to dig down 70 feet to reach bedrock. Excavating machines dug a three-foot-wide trench down to the bedrock, and as dirt and rock were removed, they were replaced by slurry: Workers then lowered a ton, seven-story-high steel cage into the trench and filled it with concrete trade day the movie using a long pipe. As the concrete flowed in, it displaced the bentonite slurry.

By making more than of these slurry trench segments, workers enclosed trade day the movie area two blocks wide and four blocks long. All in all, 1 million cubic yards of landfill had to be removed. At the end of construction, these cranes had to be disassembled and brought down by elevator.

When the towers were finished, each one would have 97 passenger elevators, capable of carrying loads of up to 10, pounds at speeds of up to 1, feet per minute. In all, the towers were assembled from more thanpieces of steel manufactured around the country, 3, miles of electrical wiring,cubic yards of concrete, 40, doors, 43, windows and six acres of marble. Construction went on until Aprilwhen the five-acre outdoor plaza, dominated by a foot-tall bronze sculpture by Fritz Koenig, was completed.

Still, the towers held an incomparable mystique. They inspired incredible trade day the movie, beginning in Augustwhen Philippe Petit walked a high wire between the two towers. The Port Authority loved these stunts because they endeared the towers to the public and made them seem like giant toys. They worked at turning the towers into an attraction, adding the Windows on the World restaurant, which opened on the th floor trade day the movie the north tower in April and was an immediate hit.

Smaller importers-exporters were now being pushed out by rising rents, making way for major businesses. Six Islamic extremists were tried and convicted in connection with the plot.

The towers reopened 20 days after the bombing with new security measures in place, including restrictions to parking lot access and electronic identification badges for building tenants.

In Julyjust two months before the terrorist attacks of September 11, the Port Authority agreed to lease the twin towers to Larry Silverstein, a New York City developer.

At the time, over 99 percent of the The first plane ripped a hole in the north tower from the 94th to the 98th floors, causing massive structural damage and igniting some 3, of the 10, gallons of jet fuel the plane was carrying.

The second plane hit the south tower at an even faster speed, striking the corner and gashing the building from the 84th to the 78th floors. The damage done at each point of trade day the movie forced the physical weight of the towers to be redistributed, and the undamaged part below the hole had to support the floors above.

At the same time, the fires raging in both buildings weakened the steel trusses holding up each floor. With damage to a greater number of floors lower down on the building, the south tower gave way first, crumbling to the ground at 9: The north tower collapsed trade day the movie than a half hour later, at Debris from the falling towers ignited fires in the remaining buildings of the trade center complex, including 7 World Trade, which burned for most of the day before collapsing at 5: Start your free trial today.

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Article Videos Speeches Shop. Contents World Trade Center: World Trade Center Author History. Fifteen Septembers Later 3min. Feats of Engineering at the World Trade Center Because the ground in lower Manhattan was largely landfill, trade day the movie would have to dig down 70 feet to reach bedrock.

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Trade Day is an indie movie directed by Dawson Williams. It is a short movie of 29 minutes length. William Budge has provided the art direction for the movie. The movie is set in the post-war era of s in rural Alabama. Trade Day is a story of five people. Jack is an eight year old, who likes to spend time with this grandfather. The four of them have been friends for a very long time now. This once-a-month meeting is to trade practical or precious possessions with each other, which are again traded back the next month.

These are trade days for the old boys. The meetings are as much fun for these friends as they are about business. They spend their time storytelling, bickering, and also bartering their possessions. Sure, Jack can learn a thing or two watching the old men discuss, banter, and, more importantly, do business.

Everything is just perfect, just like those numerous trade days that have come to pass between the friends. That is, until something happens that will force J. The movie stars Joe Lambie in the leading role of J. Lambie was a veteran actor, who has dozens of movies to his credits.

He is best known for General Hospital , and Nightmares He is accompanied by another actor with a cult following, John Bliss. Bliss is a popular actor, who has appeared in a number of mainstream movies such as Intolerable Cruelty , Imaginary Heroes , and others. Full Throttle , House M. Trade Day has received mixed reviews from the audience. The story has been praised, and the acting by various characters is great.

The presence of many veteran actors surely has had its effect. The movie lacks flow, and the scenes appear disjointed. It appears as if the editing has been done by someone who had no idea of the profession and simply pieced together scenes randomly. Producers, Gary Prebula, and Dawson Williams shared the award together.

Trade Day remains the only contribution by its maker, Dawson so far. Menu Skip to content Home.