Copyright and Trademark Symbols in HTML

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Edited 27 Jun by msicorp. While the apostrophes render as expected, the registered symbols are all showing up strangely formatted with a prepended "A with a circumflex". This only seems to happen when I am running prince remotely on the linux box. Must be some kind of character encoding or font issue; would you be able to email me mikeday trademark symbol html.

I am trademark symbol html the same issue Seems to only happen with Registered Trademark symbol Has this been resolved? If so, what was the solution? Is your document UTF-8? Does it have the correct meta charset declaration in the document head? Can you attach the HTML, or at least the fragment that has the trademark symbol?

If you change the charset declaration then the trademark symbol will be visible, or you can reencode the document in UTF I had that originally but was getting the following error Yikes, we definitely want to fix that crash. Can you reproduce it consistently with the sample document that you trademark symbol html earlier? Which version of Prince are you running, and on which operating system? Yes, to fix it trademark symbol html be great!

Unfortunately it is a consistent error with my document. This error seems to be specific to the statically linked generic Linux package. Better, but I now get "prince: I built my Trademark symbol html file using the command --scanfonts. Thank you for your help again. Please note that this issue is the only thing preventing us from proceeding with purchasing a license. You can install the Microsoft fonts like this: I ran the first command line, that worked.

The second one is giving me an error Software packaging is always a headache. I've tested this alternate method on CentOS trademark symbol html Sorry for the inconvenience! I agree, a big headache. On whichever line in the. Would that make the difference? Hmm, difficult to diagnose this remotely.

Perhaps it would be better to install the Red Hat Liberation fonts yum install liberation-fonts. This will require adding some CSS rules to fonts. That seemed to work. Everything is working now. Thanks again for all the help! Home About Us Contact Us.

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