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Introduction Sierra Chart is a trading-charts Trading platform for the financial markets which is integrated with many externally available trading services. It supports Live and Simulated trading. Both manual trading-charts automated trading is supported.

Sierra Chart is a complete Real-time and Historical, Charting and Technical Analysis platform for the financial markets. Sierra Chart fully supports the open specification Data and Trading Communications Protocol for the community. There is an additional cost for real-time exchange data. Trading-charts for charting and trading in the Cryptocurrency markets. Sierra Trading-charts uses trading-charts very best engineering and design practices to produce well-organized, fast and ultra rocksolid software and services.

We continue to strive to be as best as we can be. Value Sierra Chart is an excellent value with low pricing to make it affordable for everyone in the community. Main Features of Sierra Chart Sierra Chart is widely known for its stable, open, and highly customizable design. Sierra Chart is solid professional quality software. Designed for efficiency and ease-of-use. Trading-charts has an uncomplicated interface that can trading-charts the most demanding applications.

It is developed by an experienced and competent development team that stays on top of development. Trading-charts Chart is trading-charts fast with a definite focus on high performance in all areas of the program. Sierra Chart supports all types of markets: Trading-charts trading support, both basic and advanced. Including easy to use automated trading. Sierra Chart has excellent comprehensive documentation. Sierra Trading-charts supports numerous trading-charts and external Data and Trading services.

All the major data services and backend trading platforms are supported. Sierra Chart supports DTC making it automatically compatible with any external Data or Trading-charts service using this protocol. Sierra Chart trading-charts simple to get trading-charts with and simple to use. Download it and see for yourself. It is well organized with all functionality easily found. Yet it has the features and flexibility for advanced users.

You can create your own custom studies, indicators trading-charts trading systems using trading-charts Sierra Chart Trading-charts Custom Study Interface and Language trading-charts the built-in Excel compatible Spreadsheets.

Or use ones developed by Trading-charts Chart users and third party developers. Market Depth Historical Graph feature to display historical market depth data on charts.

Data and Trading Connectivity Sierra Chart directly provides real-time forex, CFD contract for differencestock and futures data without having trading-charts use an external service. Sierra Chart directly provides Trading-charts Daily and trading-charts Intraday data for stocks, forex, futures and indexes without having to use an external service.

Sierra Chart supports many external Data and Trading services providing complete real-time and historical data and trading trading-charts to global trading-charts, stocks, indexes, forex and options markets. All of the major Data services and Trading backends are supported.

Sierra Chart uses direct connections to all Data and Trading services. It trading-charts not use any in process blackbox API components.

Sierra Chart does not use Java or. All of this means you have super high reliability, the best connectivity and support for connections. Ongoing Development and Growing Sierra Chart is being continuously improved and expanded.

Come and join us and trading-charts a part of our growing trading-charts We are trading-charts to support you trading-charts high-quality software and services.

Service Terms and Refund Policy.

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The new training site contains training videos and materials targeted to both traders and administrators, with even more topics in development. The site also allows users with a TT login to save training materials under the My Tutorials section for later viewing. Last week on Twitter, TTtraining highlighted new training material for the TT platform analytics and charting functionality. The TT Charts and Time and Sales widgets provide users with a variety of robust tools to assess the market and make informed trading decisions.

For example, traders can:. And just like the trading application, the analytics and charting apps are accessible via Android and iOS mobile devices through TT Mobile. I recently ran across an interesting post on EliteTrader.

The author was looking for software capable of charting synthetic spreads with more than two legs such as the bund-bobl-schatz fly or crack spread. I shared my thoughts on the topic in the EliteTrader forum, but I thought the topic was compelling enough to address here on Trade Talk. As was mentioned on EliteTrader by another member, charting a synthetic spread created from the underlying legs is not as simple as comparing the last traded price of one leg to the others or using one-minute bar data to compute the spread prices.

The above method creates an excellent synthetic spread chart, and we support up to 10 legs in a spread. The nice thing about TT is once you create the spread for trading, there is no additional work to create the spread chart. You can request the synthetic instrument and add studies and drawing tools just like a regular instrument in the chart. If the trade occurs on the bid of leg one, then we will look at the bid of the other legs if they are required to sell and the ask if they are required to buy to determine the spread price.

This effectively acts as getting edge on one leg with a limit fill, and the other legs going to market to complete the spread. Every year, exchanges create a record-breaking amount of transactions, and we know that somewhere within all of that data there lies a digital treasure chest.

Finding a way to analyze and deliver this valuable data is a multi-headed problem, roughly broken down between charting, historical trade display and research scenarios. Read on to learn more about our approach and how it can help you overcome the multi-faceted big-data challenges we all encounter today. It was built around a few simple ideas and has rapidly grown out of its San Francisco hacker origins into enterprise software used by huge firms like Walmart and PayPal.

If you have ever worked at a large enterprise with existing legacy architecture s , you probably know how hard it is to turn an organization of that size onto a brand-new, relatively unknown technology platform.

The answer in the case of Node. One of the new technologies that makes the TT platform possible is WebSockets, which we use to deliver real-time data to both our mobile and desktop users around the world. Writing a WebSocket server with Node. Check out this example from the popular Node. This is literally all you need to run a WebSocket server in Node. Last week on Twitter, we showed how the new TT platform takes charting and analytics to new levels, with sophisticated tools for the high-performance professional trader.

TT allows you to create and access charts from virtually any computer as well as Android and iOS phones with support for a vast array of chart types, technical indicators and built-in drawing tools.

You can add a chart to any workspace and customize it to your preferences to chart outrights and spreads from any TT-connected exchange. Charts are saved as part of your go-anywhere TT workspace so that when you go from the office to home or from one day to the next, you can quickly pick up where you left off. For example, traders can: Quickly and easily view the high, low, open and close for any product using TT Charts. Leverage over 80 technical indicators to analyze market activity.

Identify market trends with moving averages. Easily view trade data with the Time and Sales widget. Synthetic spread charts L will have more data and provide more information about how a spread moves compared to exchange traded spread charts R.

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