xtrabackup SST failing with maria-10.0-galera

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Can you reliably replicate it? If so, please outline steps: Install Nextcloud using the steps shown on the following page:. Nextcloud works perfect until the VM server is restarted. I am new to linux so not sure how to get this file.

The varlogmysql-binindex not found errcode 13 of your config. I am a newbie at Linux but varlogmysql-binindex not found errcode 13 to setup a cloud service. Everything went great until i restarted my VM and then the service would not work anymore. I tried deleting the VM and starting from varlogmysql-binindex not found errcode 13 thinking I messed something up, but I was left with the same results again when I resetup the Nextcloud. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am hoping it is something easy that this newbie is missing.

Please let me know varlogmysql-binindex not found errcode 13 you need anymore information and I will try and upload whatever you need to help me fix this problem. Thank you for your time. I get an error: Also, the code that was used to create the nextcloud is in the first comment in the youtube video. Additional settings that can override those from this file!

Ok, I took lines 23, 24 and 25 and commented them out and now the mysql starts up and NextCloud is running again. Are those lines necessary, if not, I will leave them how they are so the server continues to run and not worry about it.

Thanks for your help, getting those logs helped me look and see what lines were causing the trouble. Learning as I go here. Thank you edited my previous post based on your comment to make it a little easier on the eyes. No, what I posted is exactly what what in the my.

But it looks like something with those 23, 24 and 25 lines are messing it up because when I took them away, it started back up.

Are those lines necessary, I have no clue what they do. According to the tutorial, they were to be put in for: No Can you reliably replicate it? Install Nextcloud using the steps shown on the following page: Do the system services start again after the reboot? Sorry for my limited knowledge but if I varlogmysql-binindex not found errcode 13 But if I type in: Thank you again for your time in this matter.

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Can you "translate" and tell me what all of this means in English dumbed down for folks like me? This site is still having issues and I need to get it resolved quickly. Thanks in advance for your help!

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