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Published Thursday, November 9, A German man is being forced to pay up after his personal assistant spontaneously began to blast music in the middle of the night. According to Haberstroh, he had left his sixth floor flat empty and silent on a Friday night zuhause option handy forum a drink.

While he was absent, his Alexa device began to play extremely loud music at some time between 1. His neighbours, woken up and frustrated by the noise, began knocking, calling and shouting for the music to stop, and eventually called the police. After the police arrived at his flat, they found the flat empty, and summoned a locksmith to forcibly enter.

Nobody was inside, but they zuhause option handy forum the black speakers — normally activated by voice control — booming the music. The police offers switched off the music and left. When Haberstroh arrived home later that night, he found that a new lock had been fitted to the door of his flat. After visiting the police station to pick up the keys for the new lock, he was given a bill from the locksmith. According to Haberstroh, he had not zuhause option handy forum activated Alexa, and is still bewildered by how the music was switched on.

He said that Alexa did not understand the question. Our sites use cookies to support some functionality, and to zuhause option handy forum anonymous user data.

Welcome Your IET account. Police forced to interfere after Alexa device begins party on its own. FTC warns tech companies against illegal warranty demands. Amazon files patent for 'voice sniffer' algorithm for smart speakers. Frisky badgers, crafty cockatoos, fake poo and more: Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Head of Department of Engineering London. New Zealand to phase out offshore oil and gas exploration. Computers trained in virtual environments to recognise objects and locations.

Alcohol usage in substance abuse patients monitored with biosensor implant. Instagram worst social network for youth mental health, report finds. Autonomous submarines track ocean sounds for marine life research.

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